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Anais Kretz Lameche (kissesfromanais) wrote,
@ 2003-07-13 23:38:00
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    Current mood: hungry
    Current music:I wanna be bad [x] WIlla Ford

    ::skips over to her laptop and grins while thinking about how to introduce her self then begins to write::

    I'm Anais Kretz Lameche my friends call me naisy or naye or just simply anais.
    I'm in a swedish girl group called Play I'm in the group three of my best friends Faye,Rosie and Anna we currently have 2 CD's out Play and REplay.I very much enjoy dancing and singing but being with my best friends makes everything 10 tens funner::wonders is funner is a word::

    I was born on August 19, 15 years ago I was born into a wonder family I have one older sister Amanda who i look up to and admire I always run to her for advice.I also Have 3 younger half sister.I was taught and have learnt FOUR yes Four different languages english, spanish,swedish and french I know swedish because I'm from sweden and I know french because my father is french.

    As for my likes I like many things I love paste and italian food::rubs tummy:: yummy:: licks lips. My favorite Ice cream are the caramel Sundaes from McDonalds::thinks about getting one when shes done her introduction::
    you know what i have so many likes and favorites that if you wanna know you should ask me !


    ::quickly review what she wrote and once finaly happy with it presses the Update Journal buttom smiling and thinking about that sundae::

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2003-07-15 11:06 (link)
Nais!! *hugs you* wow you have a good first entry! *laughs* mine just says im Anna. wee. okay bye <33


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