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ashley (kirby_athena) wrote,
@ 2003-11-06 10:49:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:Switchfoot-meant to live

    today is the day
    today is our forensics meet and i hope i kick so me a$$. i know i'm not that good but i doin it to the best of my abilty and i hope i get a good outcome. i see that becca has change her blurty name. i think it rocks. thank you becca for your comment. it mademe smile and made me feel alot better about today. thanxs baby. i'm glad i made april feel better about the you know what situation.

    i'm sleepy and in heels. i'm frustrated and in a dress. and i 'm pissed and in a blouse. aren't i the lucky one. when i get on the bus i'm going the hell to sleep. but anyway, becca you don't have to worry about me talking to anybody on this trip. the schools are stupid and they're are abunch of hoe and fagbags so don't worry. you knoe and i told you this- i would never ever ever ever ever cheat on you because i don't want you to do it to me, even though you tricked me on the phone, but it's ok-you had me going there for a minute. i' sorry from yesterday. i didn't realize i was being possesive and i'm glad you told me. that's what i want is for you to be honest with me and tell me if i'm being a pain in the a$$. love you much babe

    well i'll talk to the rest of my friends tomorrow and i'll tell you guys about my meet. love peace and safe sex form the great words of linda!!!

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2003-11-10 09:18 (link)
yes, i know i am dont have to tell me. haha. have peace, love, and safe sex.

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