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Kinikia (kinikialegs) wrote,
@ 2003-05-13 19:30:00
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    Todya was just off the wall! my friend and i likethe same guy, so that's always adding to my day. but it was great because he chose to go out wit me...then, OMFG i am so pissed at her because she played a hella messed up joke, she said that she had broken her arm and she scared me so much that she was going to hurt herself so i called and called and called then i decided that since she wasn't picking up something had to be wrong so i went over to her house, and the bitch shows up at the door no broken arm and she was perfectly fine...GOD that pisses me off so much because i had my mommas celly wit me and the boss to this company that she was trying to get a job at called right when she came to the door so he heard everything that i was telling my friend and then i accidentally hung up on him! so damn, my mom was hella fucking pissed and was flipping out at me,thanks courts thanks! god, im just happy that pretty soon im gonna be able to call up my guy and vent(yea since guys love it so much when we do that lol) ok but now everythings alright im calmed a bit but im ok. so that's all for right now, im out, cya bia mucho lovo

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