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[NORTH];;STAR* (killyour_tv) wrote,
@ 2003-10-24 22:37:00
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    Current mood: sympathetic
    Current music:cross my heart-the rocket summer

    its just enough for me to fall in love with you
    i went to the tavern tonight. it was okay. i met becca and juliet there, and then alistair and katy arrived. while i was watching selfish motive i was introduced to this kid named adam. hes quite hot. and then becca suddenly disappeared. for like 4 songs i was like ...hmm...where has becca gone too? and then she came back with like 3 things of "laffy taffy" and some gum. i guess she went to the gas station next store. and then i hung out with becca and adam for a few minutes and then i was introduced to adams friend ryan, who was also hot. comes the sad part...he has like...some kid of limp or something : / it didnt embaress me whenever we were walking together or anything because i dont care about stuff like that, but it made me really sad. i felt really bad for him...not to sound really girly or what ever, but it made me want to cry. i like him though he was really sweet. he kept telling me about how he got his hair cut and it used to look better because it was longer and finally i was like "ryan, its really not as bad as you think it is" and then he kinda blushed and stopped talking about it. haha. and then we were following becca and adam, and well...heres the conversation:
    me: "so where are they going?"
    ryan: "i dont know, im just following them because adam has my phone"
    me: "oh well then ill go with you to keep you company : )"
    ryan: "hahahaha, thats cool"
    me: "no not really"
    ryan: "yes it is, i like being with you"
    awwwwwwwwwwwww...hes so nice. but i cant stop thinking about how bad i feel for him! im a bad/sad mood because of it. i shouldnt be, because its not even that big of a deal. its not like hes in a wheel chair or anything, or he has like some mental thing. its just the way he walks. juliet said something to me about it, she was like "aww i think his friend is...retarded : /" and i was like umm...he looks normal to me... and then she told me he was bowlegged or something and i was like juliet being bowlegged doesnt make you retarded. god...why am i so upset over it!? i probably wont even see him again...i hope i do though... but argh! its not just him though, whenever i see anyone like that it makes me sad because i think about how cruel people are and how somebody has probably made fun of them for something they cant even control. god i hate people like that.
    shut up brain.


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2003-10-25 16:46 (link)

since i know them, i have their sns. i havent talked to either of them in a long time though. ryan used to like me. hes kindof a pervert. or something.

but adams nice.

if you want them, tell me asshole.

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2003-10-25 23:09 (link)
it doesnt matter lol i think ryans really nice! he told me you guys used to date...i was like aww lauras so little.


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2003-10-30 09:07 (link)
we never really dated.

i dont think.

it was gay.

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2003-10-30 18:00 (link)
omg i love your icon...andrew is beautiful

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2003-11-01 21:48 (link)
mucho gracias, senorita.

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