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JeSs (killa_divine) wrote,
@ 2003-03-17 19:29:00
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    Current mood:d e p r e S s e d
    Current music:i miSs yOu -- aaLiyaH

    diS suCks
    yeH --> i juS siGned diS a liL whiLe aGo .. nD im bOred sO ima siGn it aGen
    yeH i juS goT reLlii dePreSsed aBowT sOm peOple -- 1 peRson i dUn waNna meNtion
    buh yeH deY meaN aloT to mE nD i dUnNo -- thiNgs aR fuCkeD uP .. nD asHley {frieNd frOm pwaii} yeH i miSs heR >> sHe meaNs aLoT tO me nD i haVen sEen heR in a wHilE nD me nD heR ar driFtin nD weR noT as cLoSe buH she;s styLl mii beStfrieNd in the wHoLle woRld -- yeH maD insIders .. wE hav So mUch fuN toGetheR.. daM hoW tiMes chaNge \\ weLl yeH i haVen seEn heR ina LoNg tiMe nD im gOin to sEe heR thiS weEkeNd no maTta wahT !! yeH thaS gaNna b fuN __ gaNna fuCk up sOm girL caS she a LoSeR \\ yeH sOo daS goOd
    sOo i gOt wUn thiNg kiNda taKin caRe oF caS ima sEe her ..
    buH i duNno abowT da oTher peRson .. :thieR: nOt reLlii talKiin tO me riiTe noW --daM diSs suCks :*(--
    sO yeH i hOpe thiNgs go beTter fOor mE ;; buH prOLly noT -->
    im gOiin aGen -- iiGht maD

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2003-03-17 20:28 (link)
Jess.. dont feel depressed .. iLu :)

oo, r u talkin bout the person i think you're talkin bout?.. fill me in wen ever u read thiss.. much <3


`add me to ur friends list thing

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2003-03-17 22:14 (link)
i love u baby.... forever and a day.

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2003-03-17 22:20 (link)
wHo iS diS ?

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douche dOrK 1 !
2003-03-18 16:59 (link)
waduPp huNniE ! aww . nah it wood b muCh bettA witOuTt mE ! yeA suNd waSz maDd fuN cePpt fO mii mOm bEiiN a bytCh ' but it;z alL gOoD i queSz /|/ aiGhHhTt giiRL ! hAvE fuNn wiTt aShLey ! lOv yOu *
--> miA *

kiLlA miSz

[ i.6 fO lyFe ! kilLa crEw ]

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2003-03-18 18:56 (link)
i love u with all my heart baby....

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2003-03-18 19:18 (link)
wHo dA heLl is diS??

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