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JeSs (killa_divine) wrote,
@ 2003-03-17 18:05:00
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    Current mood:s i C k
    Current music:siNg fOr the mOmeNt <-- emiNem

    mii wEeKenD -->
    ey aLl -- thaNkz tO juStynA {maD<3} i gOt diS jOurNal thiNg -- fuN ! lOl ..
    weLl ima sTarT frOm fridAii caS im bOreD>>

    --> friDaii || aFta sKoOl mE saRah keVin jOrdaN nD kaRen waiTd for Da hiGhsKoOlaS deN mE keV saR nd JoRdan waLkeD to traVis;s hOuse \\ buH he waSnt hOme -- deN joRdan left nd me sArah nd keVin walKed tO da sKoOl nD deN waLked to piZza heaVen nd keVin steYed der nD me nD sarah weNt to ha HOuSe >> bUh she waS loCked owT nd so wE weNt to jOHanNas caS we haD to !pEe! liKe motHafucKers lOL haha .. deN we sat on a CurB waiTiin fOr eVaNne [[LoOkin liKe bums]] nD sHe neVa caMe lOl deN weNt to miaS houSe nd chiLled theRe fOr a liL whiLe ||trYin oN ha cLoThs lOl|| den weNt to mii HoUse nd deN laTa tO da rOLler riNk {we waS maD earLy} nD we waS chiLlen wiT raY nd hiS frieNds deN jaMarr traviS louiE nd LateF (duNno hoW to sPeLl srrii )
    deN saM shaUna nD sOmeoTha oF deR frienDs weR deR nD mikEs girLfrieNd was fLirtiin wiT ha eX sO yeH we haNdleD dat wUn lOL __ deN saraH slEpt oVa __ riBiT ? lol haha whaS thaT supOsed to meaN?? oOo unDa a froG.. lOl maDd duM .. yeH maDd fuNn niTe -->>>

    saTerdaii <-- // woKe up nD saRah weNt hoMe deN lata weNt to the maLl wiT jusTyna nd lOoked aT dreSses foR owR prOm|fOrmal whaTeva lOl.. welL we aiNt relLii fiNd wuN buh we fOuNd bathiNsuIts nD leSs jus seY ouR selF cOnfiDence leVeL weNt dOwN : / LoL juStyna haha || yeH deN we cAme HoMe nd weNt to gaTewaii nd meT peoPle der nD lEft deM nd deN we waLked undeR daT bridGe nd saT dowN nd LoOked like drUgGies haha -- fiNlly we gOt up _cAs wE weRe caSin a caR haha omG _ nD weNT to quiCkcheCk nd theSE guyS bouGht uS blaCk nD miLds mMm ..den yeH went tO bLocKbusTer .. walkEd baCk nd foRth likE --73284 tImes oR smThin liKe daT .. hha tOo meNe .. buh iTs woRm sO itSaLl goOd -- ha .. deN we gOt hoMe nd fOuNd owt dAt jiLl waS seaRchin foR uS wiT her mOms boYfriEnd deN yeeH he piCked uS up nd wE slEpT ova jiLls houSe -- maDd stuFf happeNd maDd fUnN haHa // wOnt gO intO deTaiLs..

    sUndaii ->- \\ feLl asLeeP aT liKe 4 iN da mOrnin nD deN yeH -- maD tiRed woKe up mAd eaRlii nD jiLl waS gOne .. haHa --sO deN i weNt hoMe caS i wouLndt hav nEwheRe to gO aftAwardS iF i weNt to cHurch wiT deM // LoL .. yeH deN mAria caMe oVa maDd fUN nD we meT quiNn nD aDam at gaTewaii ndD me nD mia trieD on cLoThs .. )diDnt liKe ne) lOl deN miA haD to gO hoMe nD i chiLled wit deM for a whiLLe \\ maD siCk .. in a bAd moOd nd aDam piSsed me oFf -- buH itS aLl goOd noW __ deN i haD tO waLk hoME aLONE bii Mii seLf ..buh yeH -- deN baBiisiTiin tiMe nd yeH i reLlii ainT feElgoOd so i baSiqlY sLepT da hOLe tiMe .. deN yeH weNt homE wiT sOme moNey -- nD beDdii tiMe -->>

    deN tOdaii {MoNdaii] weLl yeH i steyEd hOme siCk toDaii -- i haDd a baD heaDachE nd soRe troaT [pOor mE] weLl yeH im kiNda beTter noW buh yu kNo NoT fuLlii mE YeT sHouLda weNt tO skOol so i CouLda waLked aroUnd 7th wiT saraH \\ lOl .. uMm weLl i JUS fOuNd owT miA miTe deF. be MoViin nD daT suCks nD nO mia iT woNt b beTta wiTowT yu // i caNt beLive yu sEd daT >> it aiNt trOu .. weLl iM mAd bOreD nd it;S aLl niCe nd iSh owtsiDe nd heY guEss weRe im aT ||iNsiDe|| daM .. o weLl der aLwaiiS 2mOorow -- daMm mii heD juS reLlii staRteD huRtiin aGen daMiiit fuCqeR -- uMm yeH noT mUch aBowT todAi relLii __
    sOo yeH tiLl neXt tiMe __ maD <3 tO aLl wHo reAdiin --- leaVe me SoMe loVe//

    <-- LaDdii diVine

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2003-03-17 17:09 (link)

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2003-03-17 19:02 (link)
ahh shit.. lol.. we had madd fun on sat/sun. hehe, we almost got ran over like 2093483 times.. but yea, its all good.. umm.. yea i like ur journal :) i wonder who made it all pretty nd shit?? lol.. k im goin .. much <3


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2003-03-17 19:57 (link)
brian ceasers sister's away message..[shes s0o0o ugly]
WhY dO tHeY CaLl It A FrEnCh KiSs If ItAlIaNs Do It ThE best ...
l0l..nd becky sigginz away message iz alwaiis sumdin like..
Gheto ass high class..idk shiett like am i telling you this in a joural?
haha you probably areaddy kno who this is ever tho like..i didnt mention my name?
ahh we had softball tryoutz went pretty good..i missed havin you there..but hey the main
reason i wanted to write in this is to tell all you sayerville ppl..OUR TEAM IS GUNA BE AWESOME THIS YEAR
AND WERE GUNA KICK UR ASZ'S ::runs away b4 my white ass gets jumped:: aWhh..i read the thingy you
wrote in ur thingy about me..hehe..i felt realli "cool" -pinchak style-..cas all like 'involved' in jessica
guthz life..WOWZERS!! pSsSh ya fuqin like..awesome ashley..ok thats not ghetto enough to be in ur
club..idk what it outa here..

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