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JeSs (killa_divine) wrote,
@ 2003-03-25 22:25:00
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    Current mood:c o N f u S e D \
    Current music:fOoLish -- aShantii

    mii dAii -- {moNdaii]
    eyy .. ya toDaii i weNt to aLainAs houSe ] maDd fuNn ! we weNt on heR buS hHa .. fuN moRrisa iS on it ya Nd miKe waS tryiN to hiT her wiT sOme fakE swiDish fiSh .. diS lyL hoe haD to saii sHit abowT me AS sOon aS i fuCkin goT on the buS .. woW .. o weLl ? do i CarE?? naH loL -- hAha we haD to hiDe tha piZza frOm ha brOther loL .. fuNnii .. deN som olD guy haHa hoNked at uS mii GoD! loL oLD peoPleS deSe daiiS! loL lmaO .. ya deN we weNt to the maLl foR like 10 miLlion houRs loL weLl actuaLLii like 3 buH yeH .. feLt like 10 miLlon .. lOl... yaa i goT mii snEakers !! finalLlii!! -- yaa deN sOme guyS wer lykE eeRiiwheRe we weNt nd deY kePt seYin stuFf buh theY liKe wer mUmblein nD i couLdnT undastaNd deM o weLl .. ya noTiin reLlii excitiN .. o yeH .. i thinK im sTartin tO noT "caRe" aBowT sOmeoNe .. ya thaS goOd . i thiNK?? `` weLl uM yeh thaS preTtii muCh it !! -- leaVe me sOm loVe <3 mwaSs 1`
    laDdii diVine -->

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2003-03-26 17:50 (link)
oo sounds exciting.. dumbass, her name is but yea.. oo, u care bout someone??.. hmm, are yu talkin bout the guy i think ur talkin bout?? u prolly r.. lol.. IM me wen u get home or w/e.. ttyl xoxo 1

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2003-03-31 23:24 (link)
Fuk u !!fuk u!! imma still ur man!!haha

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2003-04-02 14:46 (link)
jess - update ur journal, God damn it.. much <33


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