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whatever, bitches (kiliaa) wrote,
@ 2004-07-14 23:23:00
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    Current mood:sleepy
    Current music:Sublime - The Wrong Way

    I drive my car to BC
    Lamest subject line ever. Sheesh.
    Anyways! I did. After a fun-filled day at work (ugh), I went home, ate some yummy foodstuffs, and drove my BEAUTIFUL car to BC to see Tommy. It took me about a half-hour to get there, which is nice. And it was cool because mom was in Hopkington but I could still go to BC!
    I LOVE having a car. I may die when Kirsta gets here.
    BC was nice. It was funny, I randomly turned into the campus and I see this guy chasing after me in my rearview mirror. I thought he was a security dude or something, or maybe he thought I was someone else, or maybe I ran over his backpack or something. My imagination supplied me with like eighty explainations for such bizarre behavior in the time it took for me to pull over and stop. The guy comes up to my window and -
    It was Thomas!
    Strange. I didn't recognize him in the slightest. So he got into my BEAUTIFUL car and I parked, and we walked the short short distance to his dorm building. Man, he was housed in sophomore/junior dorms, and they were so large! He and the one other guy in the Fellows program were in a suite set-up intended for 4 people. It was pretty cool, actually. The roommate was absent, so Thomas and I had the place to ourselves, which was nice.
    When the roommate and the rest of the Fellows girls (they are ALL girls, grr) knocked on the door, I answered and told them they had the wrong address. They all looked momentarily confused before Tom appeared behind me. Heh. Tom introduced me as his girlfriend, but they must have not been listening, because they asked me if I was his sister or girlfriend. How could they possibly imagine I could be his sister? Hmph, I'm mildly insulted. Except I'm not. They promptly left after hearing that, I guess because they assumed we'd want to make-out or something. Thomas did tell them that we were going out for ice cream, but they really weren't very good at listening.
    So we talked briefly with the roommate and went and got tasty ice cream. That was nice. Then we played tag a bit in the parking lot (I am the winner!) and then I drove home.
    Ha, I got home in 25 minutes despite shitty visability. Yay me!
    Now I will go to bed, as I must get up early tomorrow and go to Dr Kass and then go out with the little Mario and Claire cousins who are in town.
    I apologize for the extremely poor writing in this entry, I am the tiredness. Incarnate.
    YAAAAAAAAAY sleep.

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