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Pain and Gummi Bears (kilasumowrestlr) wrote,
@ 2003-12-12 13:18:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:Stuff

    Home Sweet Hom
    Well I'm in the House of Taggart now.It's cold and you can tell guys have lived here forever. So I'm going into OCD mode and cleaning the fuck outta it. The main reason is my mom is coming to visit therefore I want it to not look tooooo terrible. However my stepdad told me they were expecting The Munsters house. I told him it was like that minus all the cobwebs and he just laughed. I don't know if he realized I was kidding are not. Oops?

    Yeah Ima go on a picture rampage of the house and put them up so peoples can see the creep old house I live in. If I were goth I'd be so cool. ^_^

    I met my boyfriends dad yesterday. I got offa work and started to hang up posters (which I needed a ladder cause my walls are so freakin tall) and Shaggy came in and asked it I wasnted to go bowling with his dad. Hell yeah, I suck at bowling therefore it rocks! After that we got food adn Pizza Hut cause his dad wanted me to eat someting I liked, which is pasta and I think pizza hit is the only damn place in Greenwood that has pasta. Then we went and saw Matriz Revolutions...which I must say wasn't that bad. And the movie is a hell of alot funnier it you imagine Keanu Reeves saying "Dude" after every lime.

    My toes are cold...and I have two pairs of socks on. This winter is gonna suck but what can you do. I don't want to live with the pussy league anymore.

    Here's a tangent I can go off on.

    I lived with Colie (who rocks) and Jill..who doesn't. She started out cool, she's a bull was all ok. Til she turned into a psychoi bitch slob who exploits her own sexuality to get attention. Therefore I loather her greartly.Then she started to bring over the loud ass pussy league and at 3 in the morning when you wanna fucking sleep..and they are up being loud and talkin bout cunt...grrrrr --someone has gotta die. It's just so fucking retarded. I really don't thinks she's gay for the sheer fact that she tryies to do everything stereotypical about a lesbian. I MEAN EVERYTHING.
    Stupid people. Like I say "I don't care who you screw as long as I'm not screwing you."

    I can see a damn word I'm typing because I don't have my contacts in and I'm about a yard away from the screen so excuse any and all mistakes.

    Have fun and don't die ^_^

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hah home sweet "hom"
2003-12-16 01:18 (link)
bah....that girl jill sounds like she's needs a therapist
and i challenge you for bowling
i suck so bad it's not even funny =]
they call me gutter-bitch

yo, lj got rid of invite codes!!!
you can go ahead and make a journal
i've been waitin on lj to generate my code and then i had no access to internet for the longest
but yah, i found out
and now i pass the info along =]
i sho sorry i couldn't come through for ya earlier but there ya go
happy ending =P

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2003-12-19 14:55 (link)
hahaha you spelled like everything wrong hehe AND YOU ROCK TOO HOMIE!!! MWAH!

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2004-01-05 10:30 (link)
remind me to hurt you :P

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2004-01-09 14:19 (link)
i will not! but i'll see you tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay for moving in!!

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