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Pain and Gummi Bears (kilasumowrestlr) wrote,
@ 2003-10-25 13:40:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:Nancy Sinatra - These Boots Were Made for Walkin

    And in the end, Cheeselogs will bring salvation...
    I'm supposed to be getting ready cause in an hour Shaggy and I are gonna go look at places to live. Hehe. It's gonna be sweet cause we're just gonna go for a walk around the houses by Lander.
    Yes walk.
    Why you ask...even though I doubt you didn't.
    Well because I'm a complete moron and can't drive and look at houses at the some time, and I have this thing were I flip the fuck out ifn I don't know where I'm going.
    But yeah Shaggy looked at a place friday and the guy renting it was a dick and he actually said Shaggy has to pay last months rent even though he didn't live there. I'm sorry I don't know shit about renting but isn't it the renters problem ifn he didn't have anyone living there to pay $250. $250 for last month plus the $250 down payment AND the rent for the next month ($250 and of course expected. That's fucking $750 -- just to move in *shrug* Anyway the guy was a racist piece of shit

    I rent to Wal-Mart to look for a halloween costume cause I'm too lazy to make one this year..and all my dreams were shattered. I had it planned out -- I was gonna by a kids costume and squeeze my tall, lanky ass into it. However all the cool costumes were gone -- like the Spiderman one was gone and I tried on the Yu-Gi-O..? one on and dammit my tummy would be showing all nite.

    So now I'm on to plan B ifn K-Mart doesn't have anything cool -- I'm gonna be a cheesy fuckin ghost. I mean the ghost with the white sheet covered in lil flowers. And I wanna make a lil sign that says boo on it. I think it'll be humorous.

    *remembers she has left over tacos in the frig* HOLY SHIT YEAH!

    And as we were leaving Wal-Mart Shaggy gets this goofie look on his face and says "here let me get the door for you" in a cheesy voice --
    I think ..."what an ass the doors are automatic"
    So Shaggy procedes to runs up to the door so it would open before I got there...
    In it's retardedness --- it was one of the cutest/sweetest/funniest things I'm ever seen.

    I'm gonna self destruct in an hour because reheated tacos are like a death wish ---
    Have fun and don't die you damn kangaroos ^_^

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2003-10-25 15:56 (link)
Heheheh..Hopfully you'll find a place to live where people won't rip you off, and be racist shits. Shaggy sounds cool! I wish I knew someone who'd open a automatic door for me LOL! Go Shaggy! :) Yu-Gi-oh? Isn't he that guy with..uhhh cards and stuff? With the BIG spikey hair? I dunno...Hey a ghost doesn't sound bad. If people ask just say your a spring ghost, NEVERMIND! The boo sign would be a great addition though! Hope you'll find a good costume!

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2003-10-25 16:44 (link)
Yeah yu-gi-oh is the guy with the fucked up hair and holy damn if it doesn't come with the big giant rubber wig that looks like it....*cries cause the costume didn't look right*

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2003-10-26 02:31 (link) like,..are you sure that the guy didn't mean first and last months rent. Cuz, that's something that most people that rent places make you pay. a sort of security deposit oor something,. . odd. . .anyway...I have the bestest costume ever :-D I'm going as "Guy in towel, that just got outta shower" :-D

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2003-10-26 11:18 (link)
See I didn't go so I'm not sure that's what he meant -- and yes that would be a great costume

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2003-10-27 17:39 (link)
that wuz so funny of your bf to do

and so what if there's a little tummy-age?!
in fact, i don't see anything but a flat tummy....
you bitch =]
seriously though, you should strap a tupperwear cover on your head, roll around in some noodles and go as chinese food leftovers =]

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2003-10-28 08:18 (link)
hmmm I was thinkin of wrappin myself in aluminum foil and being a baked potato

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