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Pain and Gummi Bears (kilasumowrestlr) wrote,
@ 2003-10-11 14:24:00
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    Current music:Stabbing Westward type stuff

    Damn be an my slackass...ness
    Ok I just spend the past hour reading journals that I haven't read in the past week because time isn't as long as it used to be...

    At the moment Salvador is shitting in the new super deluxe shit box I got for the kittens. I'm so fucking retarded - It's like a lil shit house that rolls -- yes rolls. It's got this filter thing in it so I roll it and the poop goes into this nice tray of shit. I just wanna roll it in the middle of the cats taken a very very bad. However my roommate Colie said I'm not allowed to so I'll stick with spraying them at random with the water bottle I got to keep them from acting up.

    Next topic --

    Kill Bill
    That movie was so awesome I think I got a boner three times. Not really but it was cool. I love it when chicks are badass and kill guys and other random people. I can't wait for Volume 2 to come out.
    And while greatly anticipating the movie I paid only 5 dollars to see I saw the Matrix Revolution preview. I'm just not a nerd over those movies. Not my style I guess. However I came to the conclusion that The Matrix is gonna be the StarWars of our generation. I just can't wait to see the remakes of it when I'm 60.

    Next Topic--

    I'm Vice President of the Art Alliance here at Lander....thrilling :P
    So last night we had an Abstract Painting Party and a group of about 13 or so people painted 7 or so huge canvas. Yes these thing we like 15 feet tall *cough cough* and 4 to 6 foot wide *cough cough*
    But is was a success and that makes me so happy. Pitts (the art history professor and also the advisor type guy to the Art Alliance) came over and congradulated me on my great idea and said how good things had gone. Wolhford (the sculpture professor) and Poe (the painting/photography) came by to see how we were doing. But all in all we got about 5 painting completed and now we just gotta get them hung up around the art department.

    Next Topic --

    My boss's husband goes in for triple bypass surgery .....not happy

    Next topic --

    I ordered a Tank Girl shirt from the 40 watt club
    Well that's where you see the shirt
    This is the link to order one here

    Dammit I gots nothing really cool to say


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2003-10-12 01:54 (link)

"super deluxe shit box"
i got about that far and then burst out laughing and then to commentin.
just to let you know how fuckin hysterical that was.

and now...i'll get back to readin the rest of it

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2003-10-12 11:24 (link)
dammit -- I'm take a picture of this "shitbox" to show everyone cause it is cool as hell!

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2003-10-12 06:40 (link)
super delux shit box..hahaha i bet your cats get that expensive cat food served on a silver platter too ohh..and about the water swatters work good too. my cats run and hide anytime they see a flyswatter....

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2003-10-12 11:23 (link)
The cats are gonna hate me soon!

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2003-10-12 23:31 (link)
may i roll the box while the cats crappin in it?

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2003-10-13 08:09 (link)
dammit tor

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2003-10-13 22:41 (link)
think about goes in. i run up on him...peep in...and all u hear is crazy...mew...mew...(sand moving and shifting...)mew...mew!!! kitty comes out lookin a lil ruff. erybody laughs. erythings alright.

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2003-10-14 08:57 (link)
hahahahahahahahhahahhahahahah poor cats

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2003-10-15 00:51 (link)
OOO, this art alliance business sounds very neat...very...professional like. If I were you, I would be walking around telling people things like..."you should let me cut in line..I'm in the art alliance" or or..."bang me, i'm in the art alliance"...things like that.

You're right, Kill bill is excellent. and I never thought of the matrix movies being our generation's star wars... that's very good conclusioning. :-D dad had a double bypass :-(

...does the shit box fly too? and do dishes?

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2003-10-15 00:56 (link)
no it just pretty much rolls and is a shrine the the kittens shit..

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