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Kirsten Dunst (kikibringsiton) wrote,
@ 2003-09-06 19:50:00
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    Current mood:cheerful

    I should be exhausted ... I know Tobes is but I guess being in love makes you .... well - blushes-. Okay I said it. I'm crazy over Jake. And yes I did read what he said ... what he told the world. Watching everyone here and the things that go one ... the way people get hurt and well the things we went through ... makes me realize just how lucky I am ... well we are. But more than anything Jake it's the things you say when I'm not around ... I know long distance is hard but with you the distance is worth the difference.

    Half the spidy set is all sappy ... so people kind of leave us alone guess they get tired of hearing about Jake and Tara. She does the sweetest things for him and I have to admit to stealing some of her ideas for Jake to surprise him let him know the words he writes on my heart. Can you believe Kiki is sappy? Well she is over one incredible guy who she happens to miss terribly. So you guessed it home watching Donnie Darko ... rereading Virgin Sucides and yeah watching Bring It On. I mean who can resist that movie?

    Should be working on Wimbleton but my mind wanders to one incredible guy. Can you blame me? -grins-

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2003-09-08 14:35 (link)
I hope no one can resist that movie, or else i'm doing my job wrong ;x

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2003-09-08 21:01 (link)
You know you bring on all the right moves! -winks-

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2003-09-08 23:15 (link)
Don't make me dance right here and now

Because.. I will :x

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