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bLeEd bLaCk (kickflip_honkie) wrote,
@ 2003-06-12 22:42:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:50cent

    50 CENT !!!
    this journal entry is worth..hmm...lets say $0.50. hahaha. 50 cent is great, i recommend his work to anyone!!!! right ness. today was good. Vanessa picked up at like 11ish and we went back to her crib. we hung around there for a while until i went to WCTC to take my placement test thingy. i did really well and i guess and i am accepted. so hoooooooray!!! On the way there though Vanessas car thought it would be funny to act a fool. and that it did. it started shaking and shit. We both feared for our lives. it was great. tee hee...well not really but yeah. after we got back from my test, we went to my house so i could print this thing out that vanessa needed to hand in , in order to graduate. Then we went back to her house once again....and well we did the hippity dippity. it was really nice. then we went to cash a check that my grandma gave me for graduation , and then we went to blockbuster where vanessa finally got to rent finding nemo. That game has a shit load of loading time, but the game itself is pretty fun. we went out to eat at OLD COUNTRY BUFFET..holla. and we ate, and ate , and ate some more. we were by these annoying children and they got on my nerves. but oh well. then we went back to her house again and listened to fitty out motha fucka

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2003-06-13 00:42 (link)
totally, fiddy cent is a lyrical genius, as well as eminem. And anyone that says different can get bright and shiney on my knife. I'll take my oozee and just go nuts. YO YO YO, what it is muthafockas!!!
Ok I am done now, lets go find bingo!!! Well next weekend.

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