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Kiasara (kiasara) wrote,
@ 2003-06-12 20:00:00
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    Current mood: frustrated
    Current music:The...beautiful sounds of my brother watching tv..

    Hey this is my first entry, I'll try and keep up with this as much as i can. Right now I'm attempting to improve on my site.. *sighz* i really hope once i fix it up ((with the help of G ^__^)) It'll look reasonably well. At least enough to get a few hundred visits? that'd make me soo happy! So yea I'm Kind of Frustrated because i can't get it to work that well and all. Just hopefully i can get this stuff all figured out.. haha im such a loser im using Geocities.. whew.. I cant use html sorry.. Today also was kinda odd. I got in this big arguement thing with one of my ex's..whom i won't name.. he knows who he is anyway. He can be such a jerk sometimes.. like most guys by the way. I miss the days when we were going out, he was so sweet then too and i loved going out with him. But thats all over now, it's my fault too, i broke up with him "cuz it annoyed me not getting to see him" really i was kind of getting annoyed of him cuz he was being a jerk and stuff... i believe so yea.. Also all i did was run Nykole to the baby doctor, I'm going to have a nephew. Can't wait to see what they're going to name him. But yea that is all have have to say for now i better work on my site while i have some time left. Ja Ne

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2003-06-13 00:27 (link)
woot! you got a blurty! ^_^ you get to be with the cool people quote unquote. lol. i love sayin that, quote unquote. it gets so annoying its hilarious. well, if ya need any help with anything, just IM me or something (btw, this is wavemaster/dark). ^_^ well, good luck with the blurty and the site!

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2003-06-13 11:40 (link)
LOL! x.x i spelled the word better wrong, thats kinda sad.. hi former brother!!!!!!!!! ^__^ thanks 4 leaving a comment thingy! then i feel loved..? x.X i dunno hahah.. so ya i think ill go now Oo

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