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Kerri (kerriitaly) wrote,
@ 2002-12-16 14:53:00
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    This is how it goes
    I had a pretty busy weekend, hung out with Kate and Sue on Saturday night... we went to a club in Cambridge called the Enourmous Room. It was a pretty cool place, it sort of reminded me of an opium den in Morraco. Id go there again... not to many cute guys there, I started talking to this guy, he was just boring, it was pretty much me leading the conversation. Youd think someone who is getting there masters in journalism would be able to hold a conversation. After we left the bar, we headed over to Hannah and Steve's place, they are the nicest couple! Their going to Hawaii after xmas, (jealous). I totally would love to go on a trip, (maybe Canada?).
    Yesterday, Vicki brought me to Capriccios for my xmas gift. It was so good, I ate so much, and drank a great chianti. Loved it, and the waiters there are so cute! Afterwards I headed over to the Liquid Lounge with Ryan for Tovahs going away party, she leaves Tuesday for New Zealand! got pretty drunk, and had a great time checking out the underage cuties at the bar...
    I dont know, I see these guys but I truely dont have any interest, my head and my heart are still with someone else. Somethings were said in passing this weekend, I know they werent meant to hurt me, it was more like statements that like 'its his loss'... but it made me so upset, I feel like things are my loss... Ive lost someone, who meant more to me than anything I could imagine and their just gone, and theres NOTHING I can do... It is the worst feeling I have ever felt... well, what can you do? but push things out of your head.

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