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Kerri (kerricherries) wrote,
@ 2006-07-22 22:14:00
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    "Monster mother in law"
    I dont know if its just me or if it really is as bad as I think. I have been with my partner for nearly 4 years and I have lived with him for about 2 years. For a year of that we were living with his mother and sibblings. Certain things started to happen and we just couldnt handle it anymore. We had to move, so we both moved into his fathers house. The thing that I am really peed off about is that i recently turned 20 and I know there really isnt anything special about that but you would expect maybe a "happy birthday" off your "mother in law" to be. I mean come on for all the years you have known her you have bought her really expensive stuff, like last christmas i bought her crap loads of stuff. I never expect anything really expensive back but I do feel better getting something that shows she cares. For Christmas I got a pair of PJ pants that she got for free for having a clothing party at home. Thats it!!!! Yet her son (my partner) gets a brand new mobile phone ($450) her youngest gets a digital camera ($380) and her eldest gets a car ($LOTS) and i get a God damn pair of Pj pants, no top to match either, just the free pants she got. Well thats not the only thing that she has been so sweet to do for me. My partners birthday is about a month before mine and we all went out to a really spiff restuarant, there were 6 of us. Anyways "mum" paid for everything, $hundreds worth. He got a new dvd player. clothes and alot of other stuff. Fair enough its her only son, not a special age. But guess what happens for my bday. We went out. the three of us, to an all you can eat buffet, cheap arse place. But thats not the worst of it........MY PARTNER AND I HAD TO PAY FOR OURSELVES. She is the cheapest bitch I have ever met. But it gets better, No present. Nothing, not even a card. I mean ok I might sound like a selfish bitch but Im not, I have put up with her shit for far too long. You would think that she would atleast start to love me, I know all her children and her ex-husband all approve of me, I dont know where she gets off being such a mole. I dont know if she is doing it on purpose to get to me or if she just hates me that much that she just cant stand buying me stuff.
    In a totally different topic on her now, Her and her ex-husband have been split for 2 years, hes moved on, had 3 gfs. She even has a bf, but she is CRAZY, she wont get over it. Her house walls has several holes in it from her fists. She is going to end up in a nut house. She even lives in a really nice house in a great, expensive neighbour hood, The house her husband paid for with life time of work, she wont settle and wont get the hell over everything.
    She drives to our house when his gf is over and tries to do stupid things, like claim she is charging him with rape, because when they were together he told her he loved her just to root her. God knows why she thinks thats rape, maybe I should tell her that every single girl in my family (4 of us) have been raped or molested. My mum- molested as a child from her own father for many years as her mother turned a blind eye and didnt want to believe it was happening. My eldest sister- raped at 15 years from a boy she never met. My youngest sister- sexually touched while she was sleeping by her ex bfs friend. She is only getting into suing him now after a year of pain and lies. And theres me, at age 15 i had a bf for three months who raped and bashed me, telling me he would kill me if i told anyone, him being twice my size i never spoke, untill my mum found condoms and asked if we were having sex, I was so scared but i broke down and told her everything, my brother wasnt very happy and told him if he ever came near me again he would run him down with his car. He moved far away and I havent heard form him again. Mum and my brother wanted him charged but I couldnt do it, that boy bashed me in places no one could see, nearly everyday my mum would ask me if i was ok, but I just told her everything was fine, the bruises were from school sport. I wish now i had done something about it.
    But anyway back to my mother in law, I dont understand why she should be so selfish as to make up such bullshit about "rape", i believe she knows about me and what happened. I should tell her she is a retard and that I should tell her evey detail about what happened to me. And how he held me down for the first month, choking me, knees in back to keep me down. After the first month i lay there, wishing i was dead, one night in the granny flat out the back of my mums house, where it all happened, i took 4 whole packets of pain killers, I didnt want to be in that pain anymore. He caught me and made me vomit them up straight away. I was sick for a few days. I then went to cutting my wrists, always covering them up, he noticed and beat me for it, telling me that if he caught me trying to kill myself again he would beat me so much i wouldnt be able to walk. I then turned to alcohol, drinking myself blind, jumping infront of a car once, I look back on it all now and wish i had just done something about it. I never saw anyone for my pain, but my current bf has helped me so much, the result for me being sexually abused for so long, i have never experienced an orgasm during sex. I hope one day i can give my partner that. He has been so good and I feel sorry for him having to deal with his stupid mothers behaviour.
    Ok so I think thats enough for tonight. I have an early start at work tomorrow. I just had to get something off my chest. I am sorry if i have bored you stupid but i really thank those people who have read through this all. I muchly appreciate it.
    Thank you all and have a great night.
    Cheers. Kerri.

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I hear ya babe
2006-07-22 21:21 (link)
I know what you are going through. I was raped as a child. For years no one believed me. My cousin is now facing charges. Keep your faith and never give up.

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