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Ken Hidaka/Hidaki (kenhidaki) wrote,
@ 2003-07-25 20:51:00
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    Whatta day. I'll tell you guys that. Just for Lily, I'm actually going to make an effort to write in this...

    Yes, Flower. =)

    angelyamato2002: Hey Lexian ^^
    KenKen_Woof: Hey! ^^
    angelyamato2002: What's up? How was your trip?
    KenKen_Woof: Tiresome.
    angelyamato2002: Oh -huggles- Did you get some rest?
    KenKen_Woof: ::huggles back:: Some. I wish I have gotten more. But I need to wake at 3 tomorrow...and leave for another trip.
    angelyamato2002: Awww, cause of your job?
    KenKen_Woof: Yeah. It really gets the energy out of ya, you know?
    KenKen_Woof: Heh. Maybe I'm just lazy. ^.^
    angelyamato2002: Heh ^^;
    angelyamato2002: I would know
    KenKen_Woof: You hold a job?
    angelyamato2002: No
    angelyamato2002: I'm not old enough yet ^^;
    KenKen_Woof: ^.^
    KenKen_Woof: Student, then?
    angelyamato2002: Hai! ^-^
    KenKen_Woof: Nice. I'd like to go back to school. I never listened to what everyone said, "Treasure your high school years. They're the best." I always wanted a job like this and travel. Now I wish I listened to what my parents told me. Lol.
    angelyamato2002: Heh
    angelyamato2002: You better believe I'm enjoying my high school years!
    KenKen_Woof: Good for you.
    KenKen_Woof: ^_^
    angelyamato2002: ^-^; Heh
    angelyamato2002: So, how does it feel to keep an online journal?
    KenKen_Woof: I don't think I can keep it up.
    angelyamato2002: Oh, it's okay ^^;(\
    KenKen_Woof: Too much going on. ^.^
    angelyamato2002: But it's best to try
    angelyamato2002: Like what?
    angelyamato2002: Your job? ^-^
    KenKen_Woof: Yeah.
    angelyamato2002: Ah, it must be stressful ^^;;
    angelyamato2002: I can't wait for those days
    KenKen_Woof: ^^
    angelyamato2002: They sound like a lot of fun eh?
    KenKen_Woof: Eh. ^.^;
    angelyamato2002: Tell the truth! They can be fun ne? ^-^
    KenKen_Woof: Yeah. Lol.
    angelyamato2002: Good. Finally got it out of you
    KenKen_Woof: Lol.
    KenKen_Woof: Tell me, how was your day?
    angelyamato2002: Oh it was okay ^^
    angelyamato2002: I went out @_@
    angelyamato2002: I got three mangas and a movoe
    angelyamato2002: movie*
    KenKen_Woof: Nice. Which we're they?
    KenKen_Woof: Were, actually...
    KenKen_Woof: Heh.
    angelyamato2002: FAKE, Tokyo Mew Mew (Both Volume One) and Peach Girl Change of Heart 3
    KenKen_Woof: To be honest. I've only heard of Peach Girl. ^.^;
    angelyamato2002: Oh really ^^;(\
    KenKen_Woof: Yeah. ::sweatdrop:: You can enlighten me with the others. What're they about?
    angelyamato2002: Oh
    angelyamato2002: FAKE is about two cops who are gay (XP) and they solve crimes and have hot kinky sex XD;
    KenKen_Woof: Lmao. Are you serious? Sounds, eh? Fangirlism yaoi. ^_^
    angelyamato2002: -strikesout "and have hot kinky sex"-
    angelyamato2002: Yes >_>
    KenKen_Woof: Lol.
    angelyamato2002: Actually one of them tries to lay him
    angelyamato2002: But he's reluncant >|
    KenKen_Woof: Heh.
    angelyamato2002: Of course he's making progress -.^
    KenKen_Woof: Lol. You're too cute.
    angelyamato2002: Now Tokyo Mew Mew is about an 11 year old girl whose DNA gets mixed up with an extinct animal AS SHE FIGHTS DESE ALIENS BENT ON USING OUR WORLD'S ANIMALS TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD MWAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    angelyamato2002: Thanks n_n;
    KenKen_Woof: Lmao.

    Thank you Lily. It's nice to talk to someone as sweet and as innocent as you. ::huggles from all the way over here:: heh.

    Lily, I'm sorry about your mother being away until...March was it? Tragic turn of events. I will be praying for your mother. You're always in my thoughts. ^_^ Anyway.

    Gotta go. Ja Ne!

    - Alexian Adams
    Ken - Siberian

    ((Hey. Longer Entry! praise. XD))

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2003-07-26 20:06 (link)
Thanks Lexi ^^ Your so sweet!! -glomps back-

-praises- XD;

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2003-07-28 15:35 (link)
Lol. You're so adorable. ::Huggles:: Oh yes, Praise. ::Grows big head:: ^_^V

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