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Kelz (kelz_tha_nut) wrote,
@ 2005-04-14 23:48:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:The Donnas - Fall Behind Me

    I'm baaaaaccccckkkkkk.... *dun dun dunnnnn*
    Wow. It's been like, AGES!!! Been busy... Just read my last post where i was havin a huge bitch.. ahahah. I'm so silly.
    Anywayz, things have been really screwed up for me lately. Screwed up, you say? Heck yeah, kinda good kinda bad. Kinda good because i'm gettin back in touch with myself and what makes me tick etc, instead of finding faults with myself. Cuz lets face it, i don't need to find faults with myself, there are a lot of other pricks out there who will gladly do that for me. So yeah. Kinda bad cuz a lot of weird shit has been happening the past few days...
    My ear was playing up again, like when i sleep on it funny and then it swells up and becomes a pain in the...err..ear for about a week till it settles down. But noooo... not today... today i woke up and couldnt find the front of my stud AT ALL... i saw this tiny glint of silver in the mirror and realised that my ear was so swollen that it pretty much swallowed the front of my stud. FYI, the stud was embedded into my earlobe. What do you say to that? OH SHIIIIITT!!! So yeah. Went back to the piercing place and waited for her to come back, and waited, and waited. She showed up.. and was kinda shocked at my ear and said that it had to come out (duh) so she took plier thingies and opened up the back of the stud so that she didn't have to pull it off (cuz it frickin hurt like hell for hours) and after she did that she had to find a stainless steel sleeper to put in there cuz i only had sterling silver ones. so yeah. now i have a barbell in my ear, cuz she put it in after she got the front of the stud out and cleaned up all the shit that was oozing from my ear. now i got instructions not to squeeze, to clean it and put honey on it and put bandaids on it to keep the honey wet so it will help draw out the infection. didnt hurt as much as i thought it would but still. my earlobe was friggin huge. so now i got a 16 gauge barbell in the second hole of my right ear :P just looks like a huge stud cept theres a ball on the back of my ear too. Get it? I GOT BALLS!
    So you think that's enough weird shit for one week, right? Noooo....
    I was at Tafe last night for my usual OHS class in which nothing really happens... and after class i really really had to go to the loo... and despite my significant dislike of public loos i couldnt hold on for the 10 min drive home.. so i ducked in there. Anywayz, i was the only one in there, and im still sittin on the loo (sorry if you get bad images..) and some... DICKHEAD.. turned out the friggin lights! didn't even yell out to see if there was anyone in there! anywayz i tried yelling out but noooo they were long gone. and i hate the dark. so there i am sittin in a public loo in the dark, two of my major pet hates... n i realise my phone is in my pocket... so i fish it out of my pants and unlock it so that it lights up.. and yeah, now i can kinda see my bag hangin off the back of the door... so anyways i finish in the cubicle and open the door and i can just see light from the far door bout 10m away where the hallway is.. so im scrambling around tryin to find the light switch.. cursin the whole time, and then i find it and im like "OH THANK GOD!!" and then i washed my hands and got my ass outta there! Mum was already in the carpark and i told her what happened and she just laughed :-/ Like, id like to see what YOU'D do! needless to say last night i set a record for getting my ass out of a cubicle and to a light switch. Guess i was kinda afraid somethin like that ghost from Harry Potter was gonna come up from the toilet bowl and blow a breeze on my ass. Moral of this story = don't use the upstairs loos at tafe... HOLD ON!!
    So thats my life for the past two days. other than that its been well.. kinda normal. Been a little shitted off with work because now ive been there awhile and there are people that have been there for a few months that are like 'you cant do this and you cant do that' which is cool cuz if you have the authority to do that then its all good... but its like certain people have had a mammoth stick inserted up their ass the past few months because they have/think they have said authority. so i was kinda shitty but meh, i'm over it now.
    friends wise, well i havent really been keeping in touch with anyone, a really good mate of mine turns 18 on monday so im gonna see if i can get in touch with him and see whats goin on with that.. needa get out the house. haven't spoken to my ex for quite awhile but you cant really consider him a friend. i couldnt really give a shit where he is concerned. he changes moods more than he changes his mind. which is A LOT. so it's all good! oh, by the way, if he asks, my love life is really REALLY good. not that it isn't good, but i just refuse to give him any information of that kind.. none of his beeswax. but yeah, i guess my love life is ok. could be better. could be worse. could be a LOT worse *ahem*....


    Sowwie. decided to take a breath there. so that was a long entry, wasn't it? Told ya i was busy. Now i just gotta try and get to a different kind of busy *whistle* you know who you are....
    Anywayz ta ta for now...
    kelly xoxo

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2005-04-15 01:27 (link)
Hey kel
good space... i like it alot... oh btw its sharna from thought it mite help if i mentioed that
well sounds like u had a pretty wierd day.. but keep ya chin up cuz it can only get better from here.
ummmmm dont really kno wat else to say... so have a good one and ill talk to u at work when i see u next....
laters sweety

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