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Stacy Keibler (keiblerelf79) wrote,
@ 2003-04-02 19:02:00
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    Current mood: rushed
    Current music:Jay yelling at me to hurry up

    I promise to update real soon guys, but right now I'm on my way out with Jay-Jay. Later!!


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2004-04-23 17:11 (link)
you all are fucking idiots, pretending to be fucking wwe superstars. come on, thats telling people you have NO life what so ever. i think if you we're an actual wwe superstar you wouldn't be writing on a fucking blurty. the same with the trish and shawn and everyone else stuff. i mean come on. the superstars have lifes other than writing on fucking blurty's. come on, get some lifes.

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I can do the ear trick too!
2004-06-03 17:36 (link)
Hi Stacy!

The reason I'm trying to reach you is that I have my whole life searched for my soulmate, or should I say, my earmate. At this address:

...I for the first time saw another person who can do the ear trick - folding the upper part of the ear into the ear canal (or whatever you call it). I wonder if you also have thought about if there is anyone else out there in the world who can do the same thing. Maybe this isn't such a big deal for you but I can't help but feeling in some way that we have a connection by this unusual talent. Wouldn't it be great to meet in real life? Maybe you'll come to Europe one day... I have loose plans of coming to USA in the autumn of 2005.

OK, a little about me. I was born in Sweden 1975 but now live in Finland. Please write to me at this address:

Yours sincerely,
M. Tuner

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