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Chessa (keepmysecrets) wrote,
@ 2006-05-26 14:12:00
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    Current mood: sore
    Current music:yo momma on mtv

    i dont know why, but my shoulders have been killing me lately. i think ive been sleeping weird or something... i think i need a massage.

    everything at the bowling alley is going well :) yesterday we cleaned a zillion chairs and my nails are all gross, but its okay because they look beautiful. the new closing date is june 15th, so were shooting to open on july 1st. it works out actually because thats a saturday. its killing me not working now though, i still owe about a million dollars from dance, and my phone bill and all that... i hate having to ask my parents for money all the time. even when i was working at penneys, i was asking them for some money. but now, i have no income at all, and i just feel like such a mooch. ugh. but i did just get my tax refund back, which is nice. maybe rob and i will go do something this weekend. we were talking about going to the movies, because we havent gone in so long. x men 3 came out today, and i want to see it SO BAD! so maybe well do that :)

    i have my appointment at canisius on june 5th. i have to meet with this stupid dr macdonald to make my schedule and stuff. im excited to finally know what im going to be taking in the fall, but at the same time, im worried that im not going to be able to get into the classes that i want to because im regestering so late. blah.

    i have to go for now, more work to be done at the restaurant... its the new story of my life.

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2006-05-28 00:46 (link)
You are a mooch...the moochiest moocher I've ever seen mooching. Oh well, check out mine sometime and leave me some comments. Comments are nice.

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