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.Casi. (kcfreak9) wrote,
@ 2004-01-22 21:33:00
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    Current mood: surprised
    Current music:-all the small things*blink 182*-

    -i love you breona fay morris-
    *hey guys...whats new...nothin much here*

    -im a bit mad at myself for thinking something today. i cant believe i did.its the stupidest thought that ever ever ever popped into my head. ever. i was gonna tell bre ... then i didnt get a chance...then i was like WOAH...*WHAT ARE YOU DOING?* so i didnt tell her. sorry bout that beb..but you wouldve been mad at me and i love you and i love him and i dont have a clue what i was thinking.-

    *im scared and noone knows why-cept bre-i love you bre*

    -i hope the school newspaper comes out tomorrow. Me and my handsome did *he said she said* and im so hootin excited about it.*heckyes* omg...excitement.-

    *my great uncle Joe died. he was cool. lots of money. lived in Canyon City Colorado. a little sad and surprised that he'sgone. but its not like *boohoo cry* cuz i didnt know him that well so ...lifes a lemon..make lemonade*

    -i love my brother. i cant believe he's gradiatin'. ima so freakin cry. me and ash and court..we'll be big ole' babies. goes on.-

    *i so freakin wish bre wasnt moving. maybe she wont have to. hey bre maybe if i ask your dad to not go then he wont? any chance? ...haha *inside joke* dont know what ill do. cry. cry some more. cry a little bit more. and maybe some more. and theres a possability i might cry some freakin more. HaHa..jk but not really. cuz i will cry. abunch. shes my bestest friend in the whole wide world*no offense to n-e-one* weve been through so much together. so much. shes my cheeto toe*goodtYmes*....awe...i love you bre*

    -got a new ag teach. Mr. Schmidt. Woah!-hard to spell- i think he'll be okay. he likes hogs.*heck yes*-

    *kinda outta stuff to spit. love ya'll*

    - . I . L O V E . H O U S T O N . R A Y . C R I T T E N D E N . -

    _-Casi Rene'-_ #21

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