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.Casi. (kcfreak9) wrote,
@ 2004-01-16 16:49:00
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    Current mood: grateful
    Current music:-smells like teen spirit-

    ...:- me and natalie have a new *shhh* sound..haha -:...
    hey guys...heres whats new with me

    *me and houston had our first *real fight*. iT was awful. the worst thing i ever had to freaking go through. you guys dont even know how depressed i was inside. I wanted to freaking cry. It hurt my heart that we werent like *happy* with each other. awwhh...just thinking about it makes me hurt. not gonna go into all the flippin details cuz its depressing*for me* and its a butt long anyways...we are great now. and courtney Kristen-you were right.It did *strengthen our relationship* for reals though..hehe...*

    *we played meeker last night. we won 35-17 *HECK YES* i had like 10 points .... i had a 3pointer.*HECK YES* excitement..anywho...*

    *people need to stay out of stuff that isnt a big deal. *holy heck* they freakin think me and bre and court are like gossip-queens and are like out to -split them up- or whatever. im like dude...they dont even like each other..*freakin retarded* but you know what...ima cross my arms and walk off...haha...courtney...i love your mom..haha...she's a funny bunny*

    *my life is good.Its g-o-o-d. my friends are great. my boyfriends life is great. i love my friends so much.bre-ash-court-nicki-megan-jodie-taylor-my lime girl-kayla marie-amber p.-amber m.-brandi-brittany-nat-a-lac-ashley cronin(biggen)-manda jo-...ect.ect.ect...i love you guys so so so so so flippin much. sorry if i left n-e-one out...i love you too!.......-i freakin love my boyfriend so much. you know...the one that i said is great..haha..he's so great ..i love him so flippin much..*holy heck* to a certain person -stupid faggot- you dont know so lay off ... eww... it makes me mad when ppl say stuff and dont even know what the crap theyre hootin talkin about...eww...*


    *stroud h.s. plays chandler h.s. tonight. ima go. i hope my lime girl is goin. i know Keena and brandi are goin. Courtney said she might go. So did houston. omg...big thing...he like never ever ever goes to away ready to go the hootin game...i wish bre was goin but shes gotta go to El Paso...haha...sorry bre...i know how hootin excited you are about goin*hehe

    *Breona Fay*-hey there gorgeous..i love you with alot of me.hehe. im sorry if i made you mad this mornin when i told you what i thought about the whole *thing* i just dont wanna see you get hurt. that would hurt my heart. i just dont wanna see you get all xcited and then you get freakin crapped on by -everyone- and then your heart be crushed. i know its hard cuz you like -everyone- alot ... but babe...i dont know about the whole *stavaganza*so im just like whatever. but i just hope you flippin understand where im comin from. I love you a million rollar coasters.

    *my wrist hurts like -HOLY HECK- cuz i think i jammed it at the game...eww...big ole' ghetto girl hootin trippin me...eww...i was like dude...trying to run here!*haha*

    guys...i think im outta stuff to spit so i guess ima go ... i love you guys...later tators...bye

    *i love houston ray crittenden*

    _-Casi Rene'-_

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