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.Casi. (kcfreak9) wrote,
@ 2004-10-16 16:01:00
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    im bored outta my mind
    [Current Clothes]
    [Current Mood]
    [Current Music]
    [Current Taste]
    [Current Make-up]
    [Current Hair]
    [Current Annoyance]
    [Current Smell]
    [Current Favorite Artist]
    [Current Desktop Picture]
    [Current Favorite Group]
    [Current Book you're reading]
    [Current CD in CD Player]
    [Current DVD in player]
    [Current Color Of Toenails]
    [Current Refreshment]
    [Current Worry]

    -L A S T . P E R S O N-
    [You Touched]
    [You Talked to]
    [You Hugged]
    [You Instant messaged]
    [To messgae you]
    [You Yelled At]

    -F A V O R I T E-
    [TV Show]
    [Song ]

    -A R E . Y O U-
    [Hard working]
    [Emotionally Stable]
    [Bored Easily]

    -W H O . D O . U . W A N T . T O-
    [Look Like]

    -S T U F F-
    [My Name Is]
    [All I Need Is]
    [Love Is]
    [I'm Afraid of]

    -H A V E . Y O U . E V E R-
    [Pictured your crush naked?]
    [Been in love]
    [Cried when someone died]

    -W H O-
    [makes you smile]
    [who do you have a crush on?]
    [has a crush on u?]
    [is easiest to talk to]

    -D O . Y O U . E V E R-
    [sit on the internet all night waiting for someone special to I.M. you?]
    [save aol/aim conversations]
    [wish u were a member of the opposite sex]
    [cried because of someone saying something to you]

    -H A V E . Y O U . E V E R-
    [fallen for your best friend]
    [been rejected]
    [rejected someone]
    [been cheated on]

    -D O . Y O U / A R E . Y O U-
    [smoke cigarettes]
    [could u live without the computer?]
    [color ur hair]
    [ever get off the computer]
    [drink alchohol?]
    [like watching sunrises or sunset]

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