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.Casi. (kcfreak9) wrote,
@ 2004-08-15 00:06:00
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    humm...softball is smacking are undefeated!ha! its great.2-0. raise the roof..

    i love our seniors. woah theyre so freaking great.*minus the busride*haha..

    i have spanish with jo and sheis one silly girl.shes my homie jo she smacks me around*if you dont know askme later* imgonna miss her aLOT next year.

    toyie and tina r my other senior homie joes.woah theyre great as well..

    emily is my FAFA sister.woah..december 1st! blue n gold courteroy(sp) anyway..shes my draggin homie joe.

    man o man..

    cro n bug n chelsie c. are my homie joes too.woah.theyre so great. italk to them at lunch and such.

    i wish i wasnt a freshman.just cuz i have soo many more friends who arent freshman. i mean dont get me wrong..i have sum that are too like*SABRINA-BRIT-KEENA-AMBER KAY-KAYLA-BRE-NAT-nick-ash-court-kelsie..ect*and theyre freaking great..but sumtimes..the same ol same ol gets old ya know? doin good for now..till gonna fall apart..but me and dave had sum fun tonight so its all gravy.

    im outta stuff to spit so ill cya


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its jo
2004-08-15 01:37 (link)
i know... i am the greatest! haha! no need to tell me twice!! haha.. kay maybe im lying out my butthole haha just kidding! im a dork! but anyways... softball is great.. spanish is great.. there is just greatness everywhere! anytime you need some smacking around.. im here to do my job! haha! love you tons!

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