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.Casi. (kcfreak9) wrote,
@ 2004-03-06 20:56:00
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    Current mood:sad cuz he's not on..
    Current music:-smashing pumpkins-

    - humm... -
    wow...i am so freaking dumb. up until now...i thought that it was everyone else who was being the butts...but then last night...after talkin with sum ppl i figured out that it has been me. ive been the one screwingup.and treating the ppl who i cared about like doodie(i like that word)i was the one who had her head stuck up her crack and no room to breathe. so to all those ppl who ive been crapping on lately...i just wanna say how sorry i am for EVERYTHING! i would completely understand if you dislike me with a passion and never wanna talk to me or have anything to do with me ever again. it would make me sad...but i would understand. theres nothing i can say to explain how terribly sorry iam. and to those of you who have stuck by my side for so long...thank you *you know who you are* i can honestly say YOU are my best friend. you have never hurt me or treated me bad or ever ever ever done anything bad to me. thank you slapee for that. i love you so much. you are the one who keeps me going when everyone else has given up on me. you are my cane(in a good way)

    anyways....enough of that crap

    i like one person and one person only...he's like an 8 1/2 !wow! and the great thing is...he likes me back! wow! that excites me. he's the sweetest. omg..hes so great and he's not so popular...which i really like cuz i dont like it when theyre popular and everyone's like oh...he's all popular and stuff....but he's not like a nerd...which would suck too. hehe...anyways....he'sjust great. i getta go to his house on thursday. but not like *with him* cuz his sis is like one of my bestest friends so im going there with her but he willbe there and that is definately a bonus +++++!hehe...anyways...

    softball and track are here and im really excited. our softball team is gonna be good this year. were goin to A state baby not B not C but A thats right baby A state!!hehe!! anyways...

    im out of stuff to spit

    to seth allen...thank you for everything...youre the greatest!! lol

    _-Casi Rene-_

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