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Kaycoa La'ani Dayton (kaycoa_dayton) wrote,
@ 2003-08-24 16:16:00
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    Current mood: okay
    Current music:The Clash ~ Complete Control

    Well I’m safely on my way to Miami. I was able to get an earlier flight so I took it. I hate that I wasn’t able to see Andie before I left, but I’m going to call her when I get to Miami and then I’ll call her again when I get to Key West.

    I got an e-mail from him last night. He sent me another picture from when I was in California. This was a picture that I hadn’t seen and didn’t know what taken. I added it to my other pictures and updated my lap top background. It’s so cute –laughs- The 3 pictures of us and some little writing thingys.

    I think I was able to successfully able to escape being noticed by someone’s father and brother yesterday afternoon, but on the way home, I went by the music shop and it was really busy. I was half tempted to go in, just to say hi, but –shakes head- I guess part of moving on mean not doing what you would normally do, right? I’ll call in a couple weeks to see how everyone is doing.

    I made up my mind about what I going to do about the dilemma that I’m in. I wrestled with this all day and all night and I told myself the decision that I made was the best one, but now I’m not so sure. So I have to go back to thinking.

    Andie: My mom is going to be coming by while I’m gone, so don’t be afraid if you come home one day and there’s food in the fridge and the place is clean. I went out and bought lots of food for the dogs so you don’t have to worry about that. I’ll call you when I land and then again when I arrive in my hotel in Key West. Love Ya!

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2003-08-25 09:54 (link)
*Coming home, she hears the message. As she tosses her things on the couch, plopping down. Running her soft fingertips down her long blonde locks. She sighed softly,feeling very remorseful that she missed Kay. After listening to the message, she decided to call her cell phone.Waiting for someone to pick up, with no respond, she decided to leave a message.*

Hey Kay.. I'm sorry that I haven't been able to see you lately. It makes me very, dreary that I seem to keep missing you. I've been the worst roomate in the world.. *she pauses, letting out a soft sigh. Placing her legs onto the couch, making her body more comterble.*

I hope your doing okay, and having fun..I have to talk to you also, some things have been going through my mind..And, I would like it if you were the first to know.

I hope to talk to you soon. *Pressing the pound key, she looked at the phone for a moment. Looking around the empty house, she stood up. In search of their pups.*

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2003-08-25 12:15 (link)
-Notices that her cell phone hasn't rang in the last 12 hours she fishes it out of her purse and notices the one and only message. She dials the number and listens to the message sighning softly when she hears you voice. Saves the message and calls you back leaving a message-

Hey Andie, I just got your message. I'm sorry I didn't call you back sooner but my cell was in the bottom of my purse and I didn't hear it ring. You haven't been a bad roommate at all, we just have really hectic schedules. -pauses some biting my bottom lip- I'm doing okay I guess. I just miss everyone...a lot.

It seems we both have something really important to tell each other. My cell phone is going to be on all day today so I'll try calling you again and hopefully I'll get a hold of you.

Love ya!

-presses the pound sign and hangs up-

[I should be online between 2 and 4 p.m. and then 7 and 9p.m. pacific time]

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