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Kaycoa La'ani Dayton (kaycoa_dayton) wrote,
@ 2003-08-21 14:16:00
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    Current mood: busy

    I’m going to be doing something completely unlike me. The photo shoot I have coming up in the Florida Keys is one that I’m really looking forward to. Ever since I found out about this shoot I was adamant about not exposing various parts of my body, but now…-shrugs some- I’m finding it more and more interesting. I looked at a few of the photographers pictures and they are absolutely wonderful. He’s gotten permission to be on a few of the beaches in the Keys at night so he’ll be able to do his nude night stills of me and a few other models.

    I told him about my tattoos and sent him pictures of it. His production/stylist team scanned the pictures and e-mailed me what the finished pictures would more than likely look like. Chinese symbols across my stomach and down my left side to match what’s on the right side. I had the one small tattoo on my inner thigh removed earlier this week, yesterday to be exact, so the redness and swelling should be gone by the time I’m well into this shoot.

    I know I’m shocking a few people in my family with this new attitude that I have, but they have to face that in light of what’s happened to me recently, I need to explore different parts of my life that I closed off. One of those parts being my free spirited nature. But by no means am I saying that the 3 months and 5 days Joe and I were together I wasn’t anything but true to myself, because I was, I’m just exploring, or in some cases re-exploring, parts of my life back from when I was dancing and stripping in California.

    I talked to Kal last night for a bit. I told her how my mom was shocked that I didn’t drink any alcohol at my cousin’s reception and how I’ve gained about 10 pounds in the last 6 weeks. I don’t know how or why I’m gaining weight. I’ve been eating the same foods I’ve always eaten; I’m still doing the same amount of exercise, if not more, so I shouldn't gain weight.

    Someone I met in California called me earlier and asked if I was still going to Florida because he wanted to meet up with me –smiles to self- I told him the hotel I was staying at but he insisted that I stay with him –laughs some- I had to kindly decline though. I’d be keeping weird hours and I don’t want to bother him coming in at times when he would be asleep or visa versa, but I assured him that we’d meet up once I got settled in my hotel and I had my photo shooting hours.

    I need to get down to the Dance Centre and see if I can find replacement instructors for while I’m gone, or I may have to cancel a months worth of classes.

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2003-08-21 22:43 (link)
So you did get that tattoo removed...I bet it just hurts to walk, doesnt it? Ouch.

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2003-08-21 22:58 (link)
Yeah, I got it removed. Part of me wishes that I didn't since it's like the last thing I have to remember. Yet the other part of me wants to not remember anything having to do with that...

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2003-08-22 15:13 (link)
Ooh, classic catch-22. I'm sure whether or not you made the right decision will be revealed soon enough. *nods*

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2003-08-22 17:59 (link)
That's exactly it. One of the girls I work with said that if I missed it I could always get it done over, but that defeats the purpose of why I got it done and eventually why I got it removed. I could always get Murmur put there instead -laughs-

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2003-08-22 18:26 (link)
That's true. Also you'd be out the money you paid to get it removed.

What's the significance behind murmur?

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2003-08-22 22:38 (link)
I could easily make that up in one week...

The name of his group...

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2003-08-23 00:40 (link)
Oh yeah, I forgot how big of a baller you are. I figured everyone worked menial jobs like me. *laughs*

Ahh, I see..don't do it!

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2003-08-23 00:52 (link)
Hey! I worked hard to get where I am. Most of the money I have is from when I was stripping back in California.

I probably won't.

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