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Beca (kawaiithrasher) wrote,
@ 2004-08-29 22:25:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:.:*:."Pressure" Skindred.:*:.

    wow...long day...still no word on my guitar but ehh itll come...but yeah jordan just got back from texas...i should have been there all damn summer...god damn but yeh thats alrite hawaii next year.
    ConGratS Shannon and Bobby Joe...yay shannon u were so pretty, i loved the pics of the train...and tha music was awesome...even though randy made me dance, than kara and bridget made me dance. but best wishes u too...shannon i cant wait til the lil one...and well deff have to set up that house cleaning thing fer u lol...
    So matt made a promis...and i swear if he breaks it!! lol...nah i luv u man, cant wait til school-haha, and ray sry fer gettin u in trouble... even if i didnt do nething but thats an im waiten on that pic of them skindred stickers on ur i didnt update b4...Happy bday Ray...and as of today...happy bday to my LoVely BrothEr!!! YAY JAkey i love you...he woke me up at like 7 and made me say happy bday...crazy bastard...but yeah i didnt have to get him nething cuz hes a jerk and didnt get me nething...ehh paybacks a bitch... Katie cant wait til u come here...and dude take my new ben fer a spin b4 u leve...i aint gunna see it til next summer...but dont let jordan touch it...he'll like crack the nose or summit haha sry J...and give me a full update on how she
    ok vote...Crushed Pawn, Drive Like Memory, Or Lego dynasty

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2004-08-30 17:12 (link)
Ok you didnt use one of my suggestions in that list!....i think its only fair to our future fans that you let them see MY band names......which are like thirty times better than any of those ones......but out of them i have to say that lego dynasty is the absolute anything but that...

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Re: WHAT?!?
2004-08-30 20:30 (link)
bull...i make up better band names and u know it...just face the facts glenn...u suck at making up names...the glenn experience...uhh nah man i love our band...w/ or w/out a name

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Re: WHAT?!?
2004-08-31 03:23 (link)
crushed pawn sounds to much like ur always loosing. u could never right a happy song haha. umm lego dynasty is simply wack in my long island eyes ( u know we are becoming the seattle. . . we are the musical shit ), and drive like memory just simply doesnt catch. i was thinking of names for a band - such as "My Heros Enemy" or "X - Patriot of Home" or "Happy Murder and The Saints" or "Forgotten Royalty" ... listen im a poet. I know it.

- Rays Friend

ps/ friends are cool. being a bitch isnt. not that any1 is. friends are cool.

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Re: WHAT?!?
2004-08-31 22:58 (link)

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Re: WHAT?!?
2004-09-01 11:06 (link)
lol...glenn u talk to me like once every month...u have no right to make fun of me...and um "rays friend" lol...we had a few others...
Lego dynasty
silver feild
sanitys edge
drive like memory
failing theroy
willing retrace
crushed pawn
wicker faction
neural tourist
dedicated avalanche

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Re: WHAT?!?
2004-09-01 15:46 (link)
if i was going to pick from those id choose silver feild or i would combine them and make something like silver theory, or sanitys silver feild. idk just a few suggestions.

Sincerly yours,
"rays friend"

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Re: WHAT?!?
2004-09-02 12:03 (link)
whose rays friend?

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Re: WHAT?!?
2004-09-02 18:16 (link) clue...yeah...who are you?? lol

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