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Beca (kawaiithrasher) wrote,
@ 2004-11-20 23:34:00
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    Current mood: pissed off
    Current music:.:*:.Fall to pieces.:*:. Velvet Revolver

    Effin PArents!
    ok so wow my rents are so gay. I had plans for this weekend with mark, his sister and my cousin(which long story but they know eachother...and my cousin is from cali...), my sister, and her bf. We were gunna go out to dinner...nothing bad...nothing like drive in movies...noone ever got arrested because they went out to dinner. Well we really didnt plan it that i didnt tell my rents who was going yet...because nothing was planned...ya still with me? So they sorta found out i was gunna go with mark and jeremy 9who they dont trust thought hes my god damn cousin) and they wigged...i swear i was gunna tell them...they thought i had this big scheme...the one time i actually didnt and they bitch at me thinking i did. I mean wow alls i wanted was to hang out...ya kno get out of alden...out of my house...ha...good one right?

    THE W0RDS.. ' SHE'S N0T G0iNG T0 MAKE iT *

    so i was officially in hate with my mom...and i gave her this book "flowers in the attic" about a mother who keeps her 4 children locked up after their father dies...well story ends on how the 3 children (one died) have to run away because from being locked away from the world their immune system is worth nothing, so they get sick alot and are helpless...long story short...rents are a bitch...i highly doubt shell get the point tho...shes kinda bull headed when faced with the fact that teenagers think more deeply than she thinks...grrar
    on a better note i actually shot better than jake. And another case of my retarted mom, she brought my scope stand down to the highschool range when i told her i didnt need it. She left it there and so i didnt grab it cuz i still thought it was at on friday i didnt have a scope.i was so fuckin pissed...i had to listen to mark and nicks cd like 10 times over before i even decided i could still shoot...i effin cleaned my kneeling target. yeh thats right i got 100 on my kneeling. pshaw
    HA guitar...i want another one...a schecter...its nice...but i did learn how to play ice ice baby, stairway to heaven, and i made a bunch of my own if i could only get my band together...hahaha
    ok ok everyone has to go to billiebobs on the 10th...cuz the days end and <3Nymbis are playing and all of them totally rock. specially nick and heluva band right there. Their music is like a drug to me...i mean i could be hella pissed off and i just like o.d. on Nymbis...but i do love you Mark...[-MaH suPAman-]...and i love your if ud only just let me crimp it and braid it.... haha jk jk
    Jake god damn you...y did you have to talk so much...reggy gone and seperated us to the max now. I feel so left and wolfy that is. Well sry i couldnt be of more assistance with ur cd...but i have the worst memory

    hey i wanna do something crazy...go to church...dont get too exited i have a little plan...when the pastor says
    "this is the blood of christ, and this is the body of christ..." Im gunna ask [rather loudly]
    "jesus was made of grape juice and waffers?!?!"
    heh sucha badass
    ...but yeh i love art...i dont like it when i start a project...but when it comes out pretty good...yeh i love it. and melody...who can resist melody?? i mean who canresist those cat eyes on shrek two haha

    And thAts a Wrap...seE u in About AnoTher monTh When im So BoreD and I hAve notHinG bEttEr to do thAn upDaTe thIs thiNg!


    +*+If only I had one wish I'd want a million trillion lifetimes

    that I could spend with you
    ... +*+

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its jake
2004-11-22 20:19 (link)
god damn me?, whatever, you know it was your fault!...always turning around and starting shit w/ me....yeah so how about our band haha...if i get a tape recorder i'm gonna make a tape of my drumming so you can listen to it...anyway, see you whenever

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Re: its jake
2004-11-23 20:25 (link)
dude fuck was all you...if you didnt drum your fingers so god damn much...and tap ur feet too...i wouldnt need to turn around and slap you! haha well at least were kinda closer now...and learn ice ice baby and wipe out already!
I<3Radar Microwaves!

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Re: its jake
2004-11-24 23:13 (link)
no dude fuck you, at least i can keep a beat w/ my hands and feet...haha beat, feet that ryhmes..anyway NO!, i'm not gonna learn ice ice baby and wipeout...for one ice ice baby is a waste of time 'cause it sucks and i can't play wipeout, i hit too hard!...i've explained this to you several times...write some metal slipknot type stuff and then give me a call...i'll rock the double kick madcore...yeah mad-core bitch!....

oh by the way, now that i officially accepted your challenge look out!, its gonna be me who is going to want the piggy back ride now lol, i'll break your back but it'll be worth it right?

microwaves?...your an idiot lol

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Re: its jake
2004-11-25 22:28 (link)
hOly hell its ON JAcoB!!!!!!! ur so friggen goin down! FORST OF ALL...DONT MAKE FUN OF WIPE OUT OR ICE ICE BABY...THEY BOTH FUCKIN SCHOOL YOU! second of all ull never get one hit in on me because ur to CHICKEN to hit me! loser! i hate you! die! haha...and hell no ill write what i want!

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Re: its jake
2004-11-25 23:18 (link)
dumbshit, i wasn't making fun of wipeout, but yeah ice ice baby is fucking stupid and you should be stabbed for listening to it, let alone actually learning how to play it!...i'm not too scared to hit you, but i'll make you cry if i do, 'cause your weak hahahahaha! shit and die bitch!

"i'll kill you and eat your children"
-my fighting words

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Re: its jake
2004-11-26 12:03 (link)
wow...u wanna eat my kids?!? ur fucking sick jake! can i call you fat bastard from now on...He was irish wasnt he...and he wanted to eat the little dude!...yeh u stupid little drunken irish bitch ill fuckin kill you! baby eater...pshaw...and ice ice baby is thebest...ur just a dumbfuck for not liking it!

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Re: its jake
2004-11-27 00:03 (link)
oh i love this shit, i am actually gonna murder you!

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Re: its jake
2004-11-27 19:08 (link)
not if i kill you first

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Re: its jake
2004-11-27 20:21 (link)
you can't kill a dead man

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