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kate (katie_may) wrote,
@ 2003-09-03 20:06:00
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    Current mood: anxious
    Current music:microphones - oh anna

    i will get no sleep whatsoever this evening.

    so many much school. master plan is going well. don't want to let out too many details on here. but for those who know, all is well with..the master plan.

    i really need someone to come over and bring me back to earth. calm me down. caitie lives too far and its kinda too late. lorraine is probably...doing something. a dose of jenna would be good right now, but unfortunately she's a telemarketer. that's right children. jenna. telemarketer. i want to make a movie about it.

    art class rules. a class! you get a credit...for painting!!!! score.

    went to john's for lunch today. watched mallrats. heard the new WNS song. i really like it. a lot. also...there's a show on the 11th of this month...appropriately named..the Fuck Bush show. and WNS are playing, or so i understand. not sure where or what time, but definitely check it out (try the barrie punk website) as i imagine the set is quite good.

    sigh...i'm gonna go now.

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i have socks.
2003-09-03 21:58 (link)
hello kate. i would once again like to apologize for the green marker incident...... and to say math class will be empty without you...looks like i'm stuck with lukey!! have fun tomorra!

p.s.: my dancing monkey rules. :) toodles!!

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