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Katie (katie12345) wrote,
@ 2004-01-03 21:52:00
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    Last night was soo much fun!!! OMG lol me Keith and his brother and one of our friends and her brother went driving around so we went to this one girls house that lives like a hour away from were we live( we have nothing to do were we live obviously) and like it was soo much fun we were goofing off and everything i didn't get home till 12:40 am and like it was sooo much fun Keith gave me these two ducks for chirstmas and they are like kissing and they have our names on them I thought it was soo cute!!! hehe then today i went to my riding lesson and we jumped really high again 2"6 sizzle and i are going to do great this summer i think cus his canter is soo awsome!! any ways later then i went shopping with my mom and i got two new pairs of pants which are really awsome!! lol i like the word awsome! any ways then i had to baby sit which was pretty fun considering they were both 9 year olds and played there xbox all night so it was an easy 15 dallers, and now im on the computer again... well i got to go now talk to you later luv allways~Katie

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