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k to the iz eight (kateisgreat) wrote,
@ 2003-10-05 03:53:00
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    It will be amazing. I'll even let you listen to metal. We'll drive around aimlessly drinking joobee and laughing. I'll tell you every stupid little thought that comes to mind and you can laugh and smile and sip. We'll try and get lost in a neighbourhood we've never seen before, (and you'll laugh because I write neighbour with a U in it.) I'll sit cross legged in the passenger seat and giggle at you. You wont know why, but you'll smile about it anyway. I'll stare at your hand forever contemplating if I should touch it, and if I do, stomach elephant stampede is guaranteed. We could wait til dusk and go to a park and have a swinging contest. Betchya I'd win too. Don't think so? Oh, you're so on. After everything calmed down and the bugs are talking in whispers we'd drive out to the middle of nowhere. The windows down and the music up. We'd pull out the blanket and cuddle and look at the stars. The wishes would be revealed. We'd play atleast three rounds of the "imagine game".

    I'd aim for the triangle, and hope you wouldnt reject me.

    I should stop now. My stomach hurts.

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2003-10-06 11:47 (link)
you should write a novel on short romance stories.
id like to drive out to know where, pull out a blanket and cuddle under the stars

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damn kate.
2004-05-09 22:01 (link)
you certainly have some beautiful thoughts in that head of yours.


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