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k to the iz eight (kateisgreat) wrote,
@ 2003-09-09 16:20:00
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    My brother, in kitchen, (in deep oprea-style voice): It's another saturday night and I ain't got no body
    Me, In bathroom, (in squeeky girly voice): I got some money 'cause i just got paid
    Both, walking into the hallway, and dancing: How I wish I had someone to taaaaaaalk toooooo!

    My brother is in love, and I'm just stonned.

    The last two days have been pretty intense. My mood swings have been psychotic, and my hormones have been even worse. I've been super happy, super upset, super in love, every emotion has been amplified by a million. I downloaded some accoustic Taking Back Sunday videos, and there wasn't ONE that didn't make me cry. Almost every song I've listened to in the last two days has made me cry, and not cause I'm sad either, just because. Because it's a sad song, a beautiful song, a nestalgic song... you name it, I'm crying over it.

    My mother and I have been absolutly at each others throats. She's upset about the whole Austarlia thing, I think she finally realized that I'm going for real. That I've already set aside a good ammount of money, and that I'm acutally going through with it. She said something though, that I'll never forget.

    "I'm pretty sure I'll die disappointed with you"

    I figured out that The get up kids wrote a song about her. About the whole situation, really. They accidentally thought my mothers name was Amy though. So, I cut that part out. *grins*

    Forgive me, for running off to find the one thing I have to do.
    Each night you can fall asleep assured that someday I’ll be coming home to you.
    These constant reminders in everything I see.
    The chance of a lifetime…what a great place to be. I’m sorry I can’t be everything to you.
    Your place is at the heart of what I do. Everything’s for you.
    Every time I run away, it’s easier to stay. At the heart, the heart is you in everything I do.

    I decided it was way to nice of a day to go to school, so I picked up my bestfriend, and headed to Jon's house. We went downtown, and there we purchased tickets to go see Taking Back Sunday/Saves the day/Moneen. Again, with the crying... haha. It was an amazing day. Jon made me an amazing mix tape :) I dropped him off at the college, and then Cristie and I went to subway. We looked at a some guitar tab magazine that was full of punk bands and giggled. There was a picture of glassjaw in it, and i was tempted to buy it, but Australia = better.

    So, tonight I'm going out for coffee with Stef and Tanya. I really love both those girl, they are so honestly themselves. Not afraid to not fit it.

    "You have two tongues, The one in your mouth, and the ones in your shoe... It's the ones in your shoe's that count" - My psych prof. He's all about Action over Words. Ill show you all.

    SIDE A
    Fugazi - Epic Problem
    Le Tigre - Deceptacon
    Glassjaw - El Mark
    Beth Gibbons - Funny time of year
    Dillinder Escape Plan - 4th grade dropout
    Elliot Smith - Miss Misery
    onelinedrawing - smile
    Grade - Seamless
    Few and Far Between - September
    Pedro the Lion - Bad diary days
    Hot Cross - Pretty picture of a broken face
    The fullblast - Wh does banana get shotgun?

    SIDE B
    Saetia - Aridnes Thread
    Planes mistaken for stars - Copper and stars
    The black heart procession - the old kind of summe
    The Wolfnote - kissing bandit meets the lipstick theif
    searchingforchin - Breathe for us both
    Further Seems Forever - New years project
    Somehow Hollow - Fall leaves
    You & I - I think I know where Elvis lives

    The "back to school/sorry i stole your incense mixtape"

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2003-09-09 23:38 (link)
i had money for u and u didnt show.

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2003-09-10 00:30 (link)
I didnt show?
i was there at like 11:45!

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