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Kasia (kasia) wrote,
@ 2003-03-12 17:14:00
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    Current mood:content

    this weekend shows potential.
    Hey Children.
    so..... lets see..
    the past week at school has been pretty uneventful, other than dissecting the exquisite infant sized fetal pig for the past three days. (bleh) other than that its been thee same old shit up in herre. (just call me nelly..)
    uhm...... this weekend tho.. is going to be fucking marvelous. why? you ask.. well.. 1st off because my parents are going to be in Chicago. yes, that's right.. Chicago. *I* am going to be home all by my lonesome.. heh.. well.. kinda. O_o well.. lets start out with friday shall we? Alana and I are hanging out with these 2 Romanian guys.. (OOooooOOoolala) from like 730 till 1130. Then. we're coming back to my place (just Alana and I.. ..... ... ok.. maybe the guys =P) and i have to call my rents from my house phone.. and say that im in for the night and yatta yatta yatta... then alana and i are going to this bash some kid is throwing out in canton ( like... only 10-15 min from my house ) and we're gunna get drunk there and then snooze till we sober up and come back to my abode.. unfortunately i have to work on sat 9-5 (lol.. right.) and then the sat nite festivities arrive. Sat nite at like... 1130.. im to meet up with rawan and nicole and erin and jessica.. and we are going to this mike kids party... (a companion of rawans...) i guess its supposed to be this MASSIVE ass mother fucking party.. and im excited. i already got out of having to be thee designated driver (thank fucking god.) and yeah.. then we're gunna stay there till whenever.. and all the girls are coming back to my house.. getting trashed and then chilling all day. i dont know what time my rents are coming home.. but i do know that (j/k i just asked my dad what time they were coming home on sun and he said at like 11 at nite....... so........... score! =D ) this weekend shows potential.
    Jessie and i are going shopping tomorrow.. actually i went shopping with my mom =O yesterday. I dont think any of you appreciate what a rare occurrence this is. my mom DOESN’T buy me stuff.. ESP clothing.. not since i started working and that was when i was a soph. soooooo.. how crazy was it when yesterday i told her i needed some things for up coming spring break and she approved of going shopping, and she bought me= 3 pairs of shoes, 2 skirts, 2 shirts, and a belt. =O.. i think she may be ill.. maybe even feverish. Nehoo.. then i got all in the spirit of spring break and i tried on a buncha outfits and actually started packing.. (fuck off.. its not that far away) and yeah.. so far i have 6 pairs of sandals coming with me. =) hehe... but im not contented with the amount of shirts and tanks i have- thus. shopping tomorrow. at southland........ THEE MOST SUPERLATIVE MALL EVER MADE! =D *ahem* yeah... welllllllllllllll........ i suppose im done now.


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2003-03-15 11:09 (link)
Sounds interesting. ;)

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