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aaron (kar15frogman) wrote,
@ 2003-07-11 05:23:00
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    a story about someone
    He went to the store and bought a large bottle of benadrly. he drank it all. after he drank it all he realized what was going to happen. if he tried as hard as he could...he could stay up and make it out alive. but if he fell asleep he would be gone and never come back. after that little thought went through his came. his senses were disabled. his knees went weak and started to have spasms until he hit the ground. his right arm went numb and his throat clogged with the taste of death he just took. He was always at the wrong place at the wrong time. And things were going bad for him. relationships with friends and girls never seemed to stay fit. they always broke apart which was one thing he never wanted to happen. As he stood back up his heart stopped a few times. then his knees started to spasm again until he went to the ground. he still had a choice. He realized then after that intense moment of pain that he is still young. he still has time to focus. he still has time for people to get to know him and love him. "he was only 17".... he knew that that's what everyone would say about him when they talked about his death. but he didn't want it to be. He stood up staggering for help. He called his mom she was crying the whole way to the hospital. she thought he was having a heart attack. he went inside the ER. As he lay there with no comprehension of what anyone was saying... he was listening. he could hear them talk but he couldn't talk. the doctors would ask him a question but he would answer with a randow sentence that made no sence. but then afterwards realize what he said and start crying. they gave him some shots. and started to breathe with him... It was over with.... he did make it through. no one ever even knew that he tried to commit suicide. He walks around this world now trying to make things better. trying to put things in better positions so they don't get lost. He will never forget that night for as long as he lives. He will always try to think of that moment when something bad comes along. But he still hopes one day he will have the one posetion that he always wanted....or should I say the posetion everyone else wants...

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2003-07-11 11:40 (link)
awwwww :0(


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2003-07-19 10:26 (link)
aww that is ..sad? =( hey you seem to be really kool and i found about ur info in someone else's journal..i dont know you but i would like us to become friends..add me? n i will add you back..

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2003-07-22 19:15 (link)
u r missed dearly ova here! :0(


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