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aaron (kar15frogman) wrote,
@ 2003-07-08 15:09:00
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    wow its been a long ass time
    ok well im back. there is nothing to do right now so im just writin. so i really dont know what to say. Im leaving to go to montana on saturday and stuff. im going there then to aspen colorado. it will give me a good chance to get away i guess. im really bored right now. i just want to hang out with someone but all my freinds are gone somewhere. i bought a new digital camcorder for $502. its really nice. it has night vision and shit like that. Theres really not much else that ive really been doing. just getting ready for the trip and what not. we found a nice cabin to stay in so we are doing that. it has internet too but im not going to let my freind use it cause he will be on it all damn day. im going to be out walking the mountains. but whatever i dont care. hey maybe ill meet a nice beautiful girl while im over there. ha yeah i wish.

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2003-07-16 12:18 (link)
Just hang in there buddy she'll come knocking! I promise. But be carefull what you wish for!

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