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Kao (kaoriinoyue) wrote,
@ 2004-01-16 19:03:00
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    Current mood: crushed
    Current music:My Last Breath -Evanescence

    I really need to update this more!
    Well, lets see- whats been happening in my little life!
    Well probably the biggest thing is that Rikku is mad at me. I was at an off-campus party with one of my friends, Dan, and lol he got really drunk. And he kept trying to make moves on me. I did NOT condone it, but you know how people are when theyre drunk. ._.
    But anyway, it was just a case of bad timing.. Rikku came and saw Dan practically making out with me. But I was trying to get away from him- you guys know Dan is huge! Like 7 feet!

    I've tried apologising to her like ten times, but she won't listen/ Shes being really single minded, but I still love her..
    I don't want to lose her just because Dan got drunk.

    Listen world. NEVER lose someone special to you over a fight. It's not worth it- ever. Life is way too short to be mad at someone who means the world to you. ._. I couldnt bear to lose rikku because i love her so much
    and that's why i won't give up ever.. and now i'm crying..

    never ever get mad at someone over something so trivial.. life is TOO TOO SHORT TO HOLD GRUDGES..

    I LOVE YOU RIKKU.. <3 ._______.

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