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kandy (kandyfloss) wrote,
@ 2004-12-30 21:45:00
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    Current mood:ambivalent.. happy but not 100
    Current music:nickelback - flat on the floor

    Teacher sing! Teacher sing! Teacher kazira sing!
    Am back in this internet cafe after a month of having the net at home.. its minus 8 outside but the walk here was worth it.. seems I can't stay away!
    My kids had a new years party and my colleagues and I had to go and see each of our junior classes (So thats 6 parties I went to!) The Chinese are very big on singing and performing.. my partner teacher Roy did most of the performing for me (As a Jimi Hendrix, complete with wig, beatles glasses, tie around head and AIR GUITAR!!!) The kids loved it! I didn't get away scot free tho.. ended up singing some acapella celine dion song *shudder* to class 11. Roy and I even had to join in this dance that the kids in class 9 had made up (????) It was good fun.. lots of hugs and gifts.. new year is a really big deal!
    Which is great coz I kinda feel cheated out of not having any christmas this year!
    silent night.. silent night.. sang so tunelessly but enthusiastically by one class. those crazy kids!

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