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Kalypso (kalypso) wrote,
@ 2004-12-29 20:32:00
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    OMG...V sent me an email with a picture from Block Island Labor Day Weekend 2004. I looked at the picture at first and couldn't figure out why she sent it to me. Then I saw C in it and couldn't figure out why V had a picture of C. Then I looked closer and saw the group of people in the picture. They were the people we met when we went for Labor Day weekend 2003. The guy I met who I connected with and didn't get the right number for and thought I'd never see him again and saw him the very next weekend when we took the kids and then started to date for a couple months, he was in the pic. We ran into him and his buddies this past year. He wanted to get back together and hell if I was into men with sweet vehicles and large boats I would have. He is adorable but I guess I believe there are times you can't go back. Maybe you have to truly want to. Maybe it just is meant for that time only. He tried to get in touch with me in October...I happened to have other plans at the time. A sweet guy. I wish him happiness. Sometimes you just know when it isn't right.

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2004-12-30 17:24 (link)
You can never go back....

Words to live by I guess.

There are times when I find myself living in the past, wondering "what if" but then following with "but then would I be as happy as I am now?"

Live for the now, not for the past.

Its as simple as that.

Remind me some day to tell you the full story ;)

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2004-12-30 17:54 (link)
I look forward to that. Very much! I only live for the moment...Jimmy Buffett said it best: "I LOVE THE NOW!"

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