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Kakera Kagami (kakerakagami) wrote,
@ 2004-02-12 12:58:00
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    Current mood: dirty

    Feeling Slightly Dirty
    We've gotten a total of fourteen inches. Driving is one hell of an adventure. Ikasu called me this morning. I was a little confused, but I hadn't looked outside yet. I asked what was up and he stated that if I couldn't get in, he'd come and get me. I asked why and he told me to look outside. First thought? 'Holy Shit!'

    After getting my car out of the snow and warmed up, I was on my way... sort of. I backed up but as I tried to go forward, I couldn't. So I backed up a little more. After changing it to second gear I finally got out of there. Parking lots are always the worst. The roads aren't much better. I'd love to know where the snow plows are. I saw two, but their plows were up. Damn county bastards.

    I've got a couple minor things to do, but I want to get some more net things done today.

    Oh, now here's something that made Kat giggle at me last night. Saijou-sama loaned me a flick he rented from Blockbuster the other day. Cool Running. A biker flick. I was fully expecting it to be very cheesy. Must to my own surprise, I actually liked it. It was very well done and the bikers were very nifty, much like those I know in the chapter. Now, the main character was a rather handsome fellow and a good actor, so I wondered what else he's been in. So last night I looked him up. I feel... dirty. The man is a year younger than Saijou-sama. To the day. That would make him 49 on 2 July this year. Old enough to be my father! Not that it changes that I think he's a good actor... but... I feel dirty.

    Anyway, I'm on the fourth book of the Anita Blake series that I'm re-reading. I'd be on the fifth by now if I didn't have the two sites to keep up with. Oh well. Anyway, much to do.


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2004-02-12 15:05 (link)
Don't worry, I used to have a massive crush on Jane Seymour! Mmm... Dr Quinn: Medicine Woman...

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