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Kai (kaitheinvader) wrote,
@ 2004-11-14 09:10:00
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    Current mood:my favorite mood
    Current music:various stuff, I love music

    because of several recent events and thoughts, I will soon be making a new journal completely unrelated to this one, containing my more personal and I suppose "heavier" thoughts. as it is an (extremely) personal journal and since it would prolly be in the best interest to keep it semi-private in order to protect myself and those involved, I am not linking it to here. however b/c there are some out there who "get" me, and also b/c I still believe some of the information contained within it is vitally important to another, I will give clips or links as I see fit to whoever asks. just making you all aware of it, and that's all I'm going to say.

    on to more trivial matters.

    what else should I talk about but music. (and yes I am all too aware of the personal aspect of it, but I figure this is one that can be handled on a more mainstream basis). did the concert thing twice recently, which of course for those of you who know me is a religious experience in and of itself. concert 1: opiate, twisted method, and dope. took the greyhound up to jacksonville for this one, I like jack rabbits b/c it gives a very intimate feeling which is always great for the music experience, I do believe the lead singer of dope made a similar comment. one thing I've observed about dope is that there aren't many people who've really sat and listened to them, but all who have are fanatical. at least from what I've seen. 2 (might be 3?) concerts in jacksonville, all at jack rabbits, all attended by the same fans. band 1: opiate. ben, tell me, has skyliner played with them before? b/c I swear I've heard them, I just don't know where. they were pretty cool, I liked their songs. band 2: twisted method. yay. I didn't realize until I saw them go onstage that I've heard several of their songs, and I've been meaning to get more into them. I suppose now I have the motivation to do it. very very awesome band, I like the songs of course and the band is very charasmatic. I think the lead singer was looking at my boobs though. it might've just been my face was in his crotch, the advantages of standing front row center. lol that's enough of those comments. I would definitely go to see them again, hope they come somewhere near me again. apparently the lead singer is originally from jacksonville (poor thing) so that might be a good sign. on to my main reason for being there, band 3: dope. 2nd time I've seen them, love them to death. second favorite band of all time, so very awesome, best live show that I've ever seen. edsel was not sick this time (lol), not that it had detracted from his performance the first time anyways. got another pick, this time from edsel, he actually played guitar on one of their newer songs. which reminds me, gotta check out one of the new songs, I think it was called "fuck the world" but I don't remember. so 2 picks from 2 different concerts from 2 different members (last one was from virus, I love how very much into the whole performance thing he gets, very very good stage presence. interaction with the crowd and such. oh and I noticed racci shay wasn't wearing a white zombie shirt for once. they played both their cover songs, played a lot of new stuff, played "now or never" which I love, a lot of second cd songs actually, which in my opinion was their best. they also played "sick" which I so was not expecting but it may have been to appease the crowd who kept yelling out "play some old stuff". lead singer for twisted came out and sang with them on "fuck the police" and had a heineken, edsel told him "you're from florida, you know better than to drink beer from a green bottle." (tour sponsored by jagermeister....hmmm....) also someone in the audience was smoking some ummm....stuff.....edsel smells it and goes "what are you smoking out there? pass it up here, I knew I came to the right place!" which would most definitely have not happened at a larger venue. then he's like "don't let the bouncers catch you. the trick is to throw it down and look around like 'what?' the key is to deny everything". oh and later on he used his microphone to break a light that was shining right in his eyes. very rock. they had the same lights in the metal fencing thing they had last year, the drummer got a really cool looking drum set with like the cymbals hanging from a metal circle thing (didn't tommy lee have something like that back in the motley crue days? or somebody). they also had these really cool masks that were like the uncle sam skeleton from felons and revolutionaries. oh yeah and the concert was on election day, usual anti-government tirade which I always enjoy. I also saw the tour bus as it was leaving jack rabbits, at first we thoguht it was the taxi but it was way too big, I looked and I saw the whole band standing inside looking out at us, I think they were amazed someone was out there waiting for them that long. of course I support my bands.
    so I'm too sick of writing, I think I'll go on and on about the headbanger's ball concert I saw next time. still recovering from that one, it's a good story, I know you all hang on my every word and find my stories and various band-worshipping fascinating, so it should make for an entertaining piece. my writing and spelling have gone downhill quite a bit so I think I'll stop now.

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Ponderous...but not really
2004-11-15 20:27 (link)
Writing and spelling going downhill??? Hmmmmmm, wonder why.

BTW, you should like, e-mail me and shiznit.


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