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Kai (kaitheinvader) wrote,
@ 2004-08-28 11:15:00
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    Current mood:pissed and happy
    Current music:sorry this is so long..........

    okay, I might delete this later even though I don't like editing myself, we all do it anyways. so, I just heard the funniest thing. see, a very good friend of donnie's told him that he didn't think that me and donnie should get married (or didn't agree with it or something), which of course upset my bf tremendously. Now, for those of you who know me, someone messes with donnie or makes him upset in the least, they get to deal with ME. now see, I may seem like I can't do much, I'm an overly nice person most of the time, but fuck with my own, you're gonna get it. just ask that guy from 11th grade who was 2x my size, or that one girl who is now prolly too afraid to date any men now. it's not that I go looking for trouble, it's just that there are certain limits, and I would do anything to make sure my bf never feels the tiniest bit of pain. anyways, so, my bf was quite upset by this, but he wouldn't let me do anything about it, so I said he should ask what this person meant, maybe it was a misunderstanding, too much pain is started that way anyways. so, this person finally wrote back. and this is why I had to laugh. wanna know what he said? (btw, donnie knows I've read this, and if your the person who wrote it, I'm sorry, but it's no longer something private when it affects 2 people.)
    there are a couple of reasons, but the most important one is that *you do not share the same beliefs*. some
    people may think that's a relative thing, some people may think 'religion' is just a part of life one should take like a buffet,..let the pseudo intellectuals of the world have their way with that, but don't do it yourself too. cause i'm telling you it's not that way. having as much things in common as possible is extremely extremely important, owever, your spiritual beliefs are the cornerstone. without that as a firm foundation, it's just another flawed human interpreted love relationship that will cast you illusions of it being more important and more meaningful than it is. remember that love is something you are a fool to say you control and you fully understand if you say that. scripture mentions many times that god = love in it's purest form. we have all raped and beaten the idea of
    love in the past. love is nothing but a human fantasy, bound by selfish tradition, that dies with the lovers on earth *without* it being through god. don't put yourself through something else that will ultimately be nothing but another temporary situation, another wasted relationship, on this world. love deserves better than that and so do you guys. but that's what it will be if you do not have that spiritual foundation. if you want it to be more than the corpses you see walking mindlessly arm in arm at the mall or the married couple at the resteraunt that doesn't know why they're there anymore or the disgrunted divorcee who has to feel like they can make something of
    themselves by 'starting over' ...make sure you have that foundation my friend. otherwise, it is vanity.

    wasn't that hilarious boys and girls? now, I'm gonna try to make it through here without making any kind of personal attack, just b/c 1) I don't think it's a very nice thing, and I don't think it would add anything whatsoever, and 2) my BELIEFS prevent me from doing it anyways! okay, so a couple of points here.
    A) while a lovely piece of poetic waxing, it really just goes to show that he doesn't know me OR donnie that well after all. not surpriing, considering he hasn't talked to either of us really for a long while now, but still, he did at one point. me and donnie have managed to love each other no matter our differences, just b/c there's small differences in favorite things to do or types of music or certain beliefs, doesn't detract from our relationshp any. if anything, it makes it that much better, b/c it exposes each of us to different things.
    B) He doesn't seem to understand donnie's religious beliefs at all. See, donnie is a literalist christian, he believes that the bible is literally true, believes that jesus christ died for our sins, believes god made the world in 7 days, etc. HOWEVER, he is not like most christians (well, I wanna say southern christians, not all denominations or even people are like this, but in general), because he doesn't believe that other religions are wrong, he just believes that they worship god by another name. which means he could care less if I believed in the christian god, cherokee gods, or even a freaking goddess for all he cares, b/c he believes it's ultimately the same expression of the being that gave his son for our sins.
    C) those of you who know me, know I'm not your typical person. if you've read my journal at all (or hell, talked to me at all) know that if there is one thing I can't stand, it's a "buffet style" (heck, I like that term better than "cafeteria style" that they use on beliefnet.) religious approach, or any apathy towards religion. if your gonna believe something, you should believe in it with all your heart, whether it's faith or lack thereof. that's also why I'm trying to get away from the "pagan" label as much as possible, b/c too many people get into it without belief, and too many peopel have a "I'll take this god and this one" attitude. I also (shock and awe!) believe that god sent his son (and was jesus himself also) to die for our sins. however, I think of jesus as just one of many, not the be all and end all. (much like muslims believe in jesus as a holy prophet of god, though not the only one.) I also don't limit myself to believing god can be described in a book written by humans, divinely mandated or not. so when I call my self by a religious term (pagan or what have you) I'm not aligning myself with that religion, I just don't want to get bogged down by one title, one set of beliefs, etc.
    D)anyone who knows me also knows that I do more to help donnie's religious beliefs, not hinder it. I have never once told him to believe something different, and I never will. if you read my last post, you know that I frequently act as a kind of "spiritual counselor" to him, making him read the bible or giving him lessons on what jesus taught, and yes I do belive in jesus despite what you may think (hell, I mention god several times in my vows) and so I fully read (r-e-e-d) and understand the bible. and donnie does nothing to inhibit my religion either, just helps me with my questions about church theology (I never went to a church since I was 7 really, remember). not that this person was concerned about that, lol.
    E)love can survive without religion, though I do agree it can't survive without god's influence. but, if 2 people can't make their relationship work over something like religion, they can't make it work at all. just as if we had differences on, say, how to raise our kids. major differences will not allow the relationship to work. this is why I don't think most people should get married at a young age, b/c they can't fully understand what love means. (ahem.) as far as me and donnie are concerned anyways, ours is already a spiritual union sanctified by god, this is just the party to celebrate that, and fuck anyone who says otherwise. I love donnie and he loves me, and if your god needs us both to be exactly the same, he's not a very powerful god in the first place. god is limitless, remeber? he can transcend small differences.
    F) okay, now everyone may not agree with me on this, but it is my personal opinion. to me, to be with someone (or not be with them) based on something as personal and unchangeable as religion, is just as bad as unfounded hatred. it is no different than not going out with someone b/c of their skin colour, only difference is one is on the inside, one is on the outside. fact is, if you can't accept someone b/c of something they can't change, and you can't love them despite of it, then you don't really know what love is, and you don't deserve love. love is an indescribable connection to a person that transcends all differences and brings us closer to god.
    okay, so I think I covered everything, that this person really doesn't know me and donnie that well after all, OR OUR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS, that our beliefs are exactly the same even if our religion isn't (if that makes sense), that we nurture each other in our beliefs, not hinder them, that love (like god) transcends small differences, that me and donnie love each other despite those differences, and that religious bias is the same as racial bias or similar hatred. so thank god all the problem was, was a lack of actually knowing anything about me and donnie, as opposed to my fear that there was a thinking that we weren't right for each other. I love my husband, and nothing can come between us. now if you'll excuse me, I have to go shopping for my WEDDING! hehehe

    ----------------------------KRISTEN DIANE CALDWELL-MELAUGH-BACK--------------------------------------------------

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2004-08-29 21:30 (link)

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2004-08-30 00:46 (link)
how do you always manage to make me happy? lol I love my friends!

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2004-09-01 21:36 (link)
THE BEN IS EATING MY BRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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From Sean
2004-09-08 10:05 (link)
Totally unrelated to the above post... It's just that I haven't heard from you in awhile, and I hope Frances didn't knock you guys around too much. AIM me whenever.


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2004-09-13 10:07 (link)
I wish I had a banana...


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2004-10-27 11:34 (link)
I was bored and thought I would read some other journals and ran accross yours.... just thought I would say that I like your personality (according to the post). You sound like an intelligent, well balanced person. In Jacksonville, that is rare. Ok now that I have probably completely weirded you out... I'm gonna go now :P

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2004-10-31 13:24 (link)

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