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Kai (kai159) wrote,
@ 2005-07-31 17:05:00
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    Current mood: hopeful
    Current music:Mj - Beat it

    Inside my shell i wait and bleed!
    Good Day to you all!

    It has been too long...

    Well alot has happend since i last updated...

    ..pretty boring stuff mostly... i cant wait for Media to start and get a job, it can be a new beginning for me cos this years been a bit...... well, sh|t, and its been so hard to get through it, even now, but i jus want to get started again in life, instead of slowly falling away, i dont want to be saying the subject line again! ^

    Also Molly Rules! :D

    thanks for supporting me =)

    Oh yes there has been some good things this year, i saw Greenday at the MK bowl and they were so AMAZING, i didnt expect them to be so good, i wasnt too keen on them in the past and i only liked some of the newer stuff, but they rocked! i love most of there music now!, I also saw Oasis there, they were cool but didnt rock as much as Greenday, and the Zutons supports ruled.

    Movie wise... there has been some rock and/or Roll stufffff out this year! War of the worlds rocked! it was jus as dark as i wanted it to be. was so bleak and the aliens were relentless. =) so pleased with that, also....

    Star Wars Episode 3 Rock AND rolled! it was super duperly wicked, jus how i wanted it to be, episode 1 was good, episode 2 was a complete let down so i was hoping this would be good. and i personally think its the best one out of all 6!! i love Obi 1 Kanobi, i want his babies! hes just so cool! and i love the evilness of Anakin skywalker in this film, its all great! and the effects were stunning, so much detail in every scene. and the whole everything was jus well quality.

    I been getting into alot of different bands recently, and a bit of the old slipknot. there was a time when i would of said, they were complete....dickheads. but they rock.

    So thats about it.

    Kai xx

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2005-07-31 13:15 (link)
No Problem dude =D

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