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Deanna (kahluacutie2414) wrote,
@ 2003-06-23 23:00:00
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    Current mood: ditzy
    Current music:Simple Plan- Im just a kid

    A little Happier
    breast implants!

    what's YOUR deepest secret?
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    Ya right.....Some people wish they had these... sorry i was gifted with mine.. i didnt have to pay for them... thats sad, be happy with what u were given

    Today was a pretty boring day.. Nothing reallly happened.. except for one good thing for me.. I think im over all my crushes.. Yes even my *2 year* one.. I know ive said it before... but i think now im ready to give it up..It was fun while it lasted.. But honestly.. why should i hold on to something i cant have.. i have a whole life ahead of me.. why should i just stick to liking one person.. Plus, even tho he is probably a good bf.. i can do better.. yes i can actually say something i havent been able to say before.. I can do better then him... hehe im getting better..No that i came out and said that.. i still have one more lil footstep to take.. that is being able to see him and not have any of those feelings come back.. hopefully ill be able to do that soon too.. then everything will be good..Im young and i shouldnt be set on one person...Anyway.. i think im just saying stuff to say stuff and hopefully let time pass so that i can call megan tonight.. we havent talked to in a while so we got some catching up to doo.. wellim gonna go watch some tv.. bye bye

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2003-06-23 23:40 (link)
Hey Deanna I'm happy that your alitte happier. You should be this summer and enjoy it now that you have a job and all. And I'm also glad that you're over your crushes cuz this summer you shouldn't be tied down to anyone and just have fun. C-ya

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