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So who are you? (kaen) wrote,
@ 2005-01-15 23:58:00
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    I saw Phantom of the Opera about one week ago (like, Sunday). It blew my mind. In fact, got the soundtrack for the Broadway show, then copied it so Sarah could have it and I could have the soundtrack to the movie.

    I saw it again last Thursday.

    The movie poster is so wrong. Outfit from Point of No Return on Emmy, and Gerard has the wrong mask for that scene, and it's on the other side of his face.

    Anyways, fell in love with Gerard. Yes, Patrick is cute, but Gerard has the hands. I cannot resist the hands.

    I also worship the (impossible) pairing of Erik/Christine. But, it will never happen.

    Firstly, Erik sees Christine as a romantic, sexual figure. Christine sees Erik as a father figure (Angel of Music proves this). Won't ever work that way. You can't have a relationship with someone you see as your father. Ain't a-gonna work. Secondly... Raoul. He wants Christine. Christine wants him. Nope. Thirdly, Christine isn't the type of person to be locked up on darkness forever. She seems to like the light.

    Now, Erik seems to know he can't get Christine (herm... Was, "Hey! I have a giant ring in my cleavage!" any hint?). He really wants to impress her, so he makes a play (very gothic play, at that), and writes a song all about sex. Seriously.


    Past the point
    of no return -
    no backward glances:
    the games we've played
    till now are at
    an end . . .

    Past all thought
    of "if" or "when" -
    no use resisting:
    abandon thought,
    and let the dream
    descend . . .

    What raging fire
    shall flood the soul?
    What rich desire
    unlocks its door?
    What sweet seduction
    lies before
    us . . .?

    Past the point
    of no return,
    the final threshold -
    what warm,
    unspoken secrets
    will we learn?
    Beyond the point
    of no return . . .


    You have brought me
    to that moment
    where words run dry,
    to that moment
    where speech
    into silence,
    silence . . .

    I have come here,
    hardly knowing
    the reason why . . .
    In my mind,
    I've already
    imagined our
    bodies entwining
    defenceless and silent -
    and now I am
    here with you:
    no second thoughts,
    I've decided,

    decided . . .

    Past the point
    of no return -
    no going back now:
    our passion-play
    has now, at last,
    begun . . .

    Past all thought
    of right or wrong -
    one final question:
    how long should we
    two wait, before
    we're one . . .?

    When will the blood
    begin to race
    the sleeping bud
    burst into bloom?
    When will the flames,
    at last, consume
    us . . .?

    Past the point
    of no return
    the final threshold -
    the bridge
    is crossed, so stand
    and watch it burn . . .

    We've passed the point
    of no return . . .

    See! It's sex on a stick! The end point, when they both sing together, is the climax of the song, and, if it was sex, it would be the climax. THE PHANTOM HAS SEX ON HIS MIND!!!!

    The one part of the movie that makes me want to burst into tears is the end. The part where Erik sings part of Masquerade, and the monkey, and the ring... It's heartbreaking.

    Well, it's bedtime. Nighty night!

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