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Kelly (kadiesgrace) wrote,
@ 2005-03-24 01:35:00
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    i hate blurty but LOVE KELLY!
    HEY! this is Lance the love of Kellys life!

    I LOVE YOU KELLY! Yall know Kelly is my sweetheart and I love her to death! I think we might be changing journals here soon. Blurty is a peice of crap. WEll not bad but its super slow to load, then half of the time it never post right. But nyway that is another story we will kepp you updated!! So Kelly is out with friends and I got a really early start 2morrow gonna be fun though! I hope Kelly gets the job at the Daycare that would be awsome! I love Kelly so much and I want the best for her! Sorry i have not been posting in here regularly either been busy with school stuff or freakin blurty didnt post it or whatever something about the date which is werid! Anyway I am sorry this isnt longe rI am bear and ready for bed. Well I love you my sweetheart Kelly!! I promiss ill do my best to get them longer!! I LOVE YOU!!

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