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Kelly (kadiesgrace) wrote,
@ 2005-03-21 04:54:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:if tomorrow never comes

    What the hell? What is wrong with me. I cant do or say anything right tonight. im sorry. i hate being like this.. its not me...its like the song "how do you get that lonely, and nobody knows" what is wrong with me.. am i i dunno crazy lol? one sec. i can be happy and then walk into this house and it changeme... i just feel so empty inside when i feel like this...feelingsfrom out of nowhere just start flowing out in teaars aas my heart says it. thoughts from. Imnever going to be good enough to amount to anything in this world. to i wish i wernt alive to i wish i could just run away and no body miss me so it would be so easy. WHy do i have to be something idont want to be.... just shit like thaat.... i hate myself sometimes.... i wishi could be someone else sometime....or at least have a simpler brain. anyways im to upset to write right now later

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2005-03-20 11:40 (link)
Okay honestly if you were somone else would you truly be that happy? Im sorry you feel that way though i know how it goes sometimes i feel the same way to a degree somedays. Cheer up it will get better just go over to berts and start getting your room all set up so you can get out of your grandma's. Loves ya chicka. Kris

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