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Be_Not_Be (k_ci_mac) wrote,
@ 2003-08-10 04:33:00
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    I sit in my room
    upon my bed,
    Trying to get rid
    of the things in my head.
    I think of you
    and of how you helped,
    Helped heal this huge,
    painful welp.
    The one in my heart
    that just won't go away,
    Sometimes it feels
    like it's here to stay.
    As the tears run down my face
    and wet my cheeks,
    I think about
    the past few weeks.
    Of how we laughed,
    joked, and played,
    But now it's useless
    and I feel betrayed.
    You said that you'd wait
    and I believed you,
    I didn't think that this
    was something you'd do.
    I'm still hurt because
    you lied to me,
    This isn't how
    it's supposed to be.
    We're supposed to be cheerful
    and carefree,
    Not mad, upset
    and unhappy.
    I love you so much
    you'll never even know
    That what your'e doing
    hurts me so.
    This happens every time
    so it's nothing new,
    But why does it always
    make me feel so blue?
    I end this now in
    confusion and cluelessness,
    In hopes that some day
    this'll be over with.

    (I know that the last two phrases don't rhyme, but who really cares right now? I mean, I was never known for my poetic abilities. Well, at least I don't think so. I need to get some sleep. I'm getting dilerious. I have to wake up in 4 hours for church. I HATE INSOMNIA! And if it's not insomnia, then I HATE THINGS GOING THROUGH MY HEAD WHEN I WANT TO GET SOME GOSH DARN SLEEP!)

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