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Love & Mercy (juststoptalking) wrote,
@ 2003-03-18 17:48:00
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    Current mood: anxious
    Current music:Phantom Planet - Is This Really Happening to Me?

    At any point in 2002, did you:
    1. Go to a pool party? Nope
    2. Try something new? Yep
    3. Have something change your life? Yep
    4. Kiss someone? Yup
    5. Tell your family and friends you love them? Yep
    6. Buy something extravagant? Uh...Yeah, I think so.
    7. Do something nice for you? Always ;D
    8. Do something terribly wrong? Hah, always.
    9. Move? nope
    10. Go to a concert? Nope ;.;

    Best of the Year:
    1. Party: I dunno.
    2. Show: Buffy :P
    3. CD: Common Ro >)
    4. Movie: But I'm a Cheerleader...Always is.
    5. Song: Haa "Fortunate" *snicker*
    6. Experience: there was none u.u 2002 blew.
    7. Concert: I said I went to none >P
    8. Book: The Hobbit (so far *shifts eyes*)
    9. Month: December
    10. Day: Fridays and Saturdays always rock

    Worst of the Year:
    1. Party: All? XD
    2. Show: 24 *evil bitch; runs from the Roly*
    3. CD: I dunno.
    4. Movie: Everything XD
    5. Song: Anything on 96.5 X__x
    6. Experience: the headaches
    7. Concert: all!
    8. Book: Lord of the Flies o_O
    9. Month: the summer months
    10. Day: Mondays. always. suck.

    Hopes for 2003:
    1. Predict something that you think will happen in 2003? I will breathe :O
    2. What do you hope changes about your country? That we don't let people walk all over us *cough*Sadaam*cough*
    3. What do you hope for yourself? That I take better care of myself.
    4. What do you hope for your family? That we take better care of ourselves..haaa
    5. What do you hope for your best friend? That she finds happiness - no matter where it is or who it's with.
    6. What do you hope for the rest of your friends? That they're all happy and healthy.
    7. Do you think any amazing medical advances will be made? Probably not :P
    8. What is your hope for 2003? That I sleep. A lot. XD

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