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bill (justlookatit) wrote,
@ 2003-12-23 23:20:00
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    Current mood:lonely
    Current music:finger eleven, dmb, janes addiction

    xmas sucks... for me
    wow... didnt really just notice but seriously how do i not get any presents on the school xmas day where ppl get gifts. everyone i know got some. i got a candy cane and a card. im not exactly sure but i belive that i gave out like 3 dozen cookies and 5 pops and on a daily basis i give out crap. i im not mistakin that is a nice thing to do. but being the whatever i am that stops ppl from likeing me i dont get anyhting in return, ever. im not really mad about that its just the fact that ppl can be all around me giving everyone like say a tube of some sort and i thought i was a freind of the person but i guess not cause everyone got one and i didnt. and this happened right infront of me. that made me mad. but then i thoguht o yea i didnt exactly get anyone a present so i can c y i didnt get jack didly squat. i feel as tho when im not mad cause of somthing like this that i am a very nice kid. if i have somthing that u want n u say u want it then u have a 99% chance of getting it. even if its money.screw it ppl piss me off to much im just gona start haging out withh ppl who actualy care. if the is anyone

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its katie
2003-12-24 21:18 (link)
hey i would have got you a present but i didnt get anyone else a present either because im poor.. lol

dont feel lonely.. its christmas.. and alot of people care about you :)

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